All about Wahala

I just thought to see what the web holds on the word ‘wahala’ and here I have my hands full. The reason, being that an expatriate colleague of mine likes to use the word – and yes, I like the way he uses it…..he just uses it, anyhow, whether it fits into his English+Yoruba grammar or not. So here, I have my hands full:

She said she heard it on BBC and here, she writes about it. Urbandictionary helps us with a definition.
–  the wahala project
–  GSM Wahala – the movie
–  when you buy a mobile phone, you get wahala
–  A Venezuelan band going by the name wahala. Heres more info about the band. Here are they on myspace. More here.
–  now, welcoming Mr. Mag. Johannes Wahala. no harm in a name.
–  sometime ago, I was talking about wahala-walahi
–  this one looks like a book

I think these information are enough as too much information will result in wahala……plenty wahala!!

Whenever you pray, always say:

Akoba, adaba, wahala, Oloun ma je a ri!