John Lennon is in Hell

I remember when I was still a kid. If I were to wake up in the morning and tell momsi that I had a dream, she would sit and listen. If I told popsi that I had a dream, the first thing he would do was to ask me if I ate dinner last night. I remember once, I didn’t eat dinner the night before and I had a dream……too much of Night rider movies I guess. Popsi had to call out to momsi to give me food immediately, before he listened to my dream. Some years later I had to ask popsi what the relationship between dinner and dreams was. He told me outrightly that people that don’t take dinner usually have bad dreams. I supposed that was just to get me to eat dinner daily. Talk about parental brainy moves.

It was the same question that crossed my mind as I checked my mailbox, read through PDF documents from a friend about Revelation of Heaven and Hell by 7 Columbian Youths. I asked myself if those youths ate dinner the night before their dream, besides, I wondered the circumstances that got the seven of them together, made them all have the same dream, why they are seven in number in the first place, etc, etc. Why not for example, 15–youths, 29 youths? Whats with the 7? So I decided to check it out in google to see if t’was a hoax or not. The following are some links:

My google result is here

I do not mean to make jest of the above ‘revelations’. It might or might not be genuine. It doesn’t really matter. There just a thin line between religion and extremism. Its just that the John Lennon stuff makes me wonder if these youths were John Lennon fans foes before their dream etc. I don’t know John Lennon, google just tells me he was a musician.

Anyway, my thoughts are these:

I’m not a fan of the Nigerian Police, so if I were to have a dream and see anyone in Hell, I believe whoever I will see in hell will be wearing the Nigerian Police uniform, bringing me to a conclusion(after my dream is over) that all dead Nigerian Police men and women are in Hell. Hhmmm, thinking: the way the still-living Nigerian Police people behave is sometimes hell-prone. So I might be right anyway.

Just a thought, no pun intended. I’m also trying to see how many dead Nigerian politicians I can recognize, so if I had a dream, how many of them would I see upstairs or downstairs.

Now, share your thoughts:

  • have you even been told about the relationship between dinner and dreams? how about breakfast?
  • Just in case you’ve had a dream of Heaven and Hell, tell us.




  • momsi – Mommy
  • popsi – Daddy