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Why We Charge N8,000 For Sex’—Lagos Prostitutes
March 13, 2009 14:39 (1 hour ago), 343 views
By Olatunji Saliu & Lois Okereke

The desire to save for their monthly rent of N5,000 for a tiny room and to conveniently offset other bills, are the reasons prostitutes who ply their trade at a residential building on Shonola Street, Ogba, Lagos, charge their patrons up to N8,000 for sex, P.M.NEWS can reveal.

P.M. NEWS investigation at the brothel revealed that most of the prostitutes recently hiked their charges due to the high cost of living at the new location, which also houses a restaurant and bar, owned by a woman from Port Harcourt, Rivers state.

Apart from being a residence, the building is, to many, a common restaurant and bar. But it is actually a brothel where commercial sex workers secretly and gainfully operate. Investigations further revealed that the busty owner of the brothel in disguise is a strict businesswoman who receives not less than N60,000 for a room annually from the ladies whom she usually gives to her loyal customers on special request. They call her mummy and she gladly answers.

She was said to have accommodated some of the commercial sex workers who were displaced from Aimasiko Guest House, a popular brothel on the same street, which was recently closed down by government officials. Speaking with our reporters, who went there for an undercover report, some of the prostitutes at the restaurant disclosed that they charge patrons between N8,000 and N10,000 for a till-day-break (TDB) sexual bout, while customers who want a short-time service part with at least N5,000, depending on their bargaining power.

Further investigation revealed that the prostitutes also charge that amount because they actually believe that they are superior to some of their colleagues who hustle for customers by standing on the road at night. Those ones are better called ‘runs girls’ because they can receive a meagre N700 for short-time service and charge as low as N2,500 for a TDB action. The ‘runs girls’ have no specific rooms to ply their trade but can be set for action anywhere – inside the car or other secret places where they can have a quickie.

“But here is more comfortable and secure, you know. We charge up to N8,000 per night because of the high cost of living here. You know the owner of this restaurant is a businesswoman and what she has done is to accommodate some of us here to make her business boom.

“Men from all walks of life come for relaxation at this bar because we are here. They usually come after work and that is the time we normally have a field day. At that time, most of them who are loyal customers of the Port Harcourt woman, patronise us and pay handsomely for our services before going home,” one of the commercial sex workers in the brothel, simply identified as Chioma, stated.

Another prostitute in the hotel told P.M. NEWS that they are sometimes allowed to go out with the men, perhaps to other places if the woman knows the man. P.M. NEWS finding at the bar cum brothel further revealed that, though the woman calls the place a restaurant, she sells no food at the place except pepper soup, fried meat and drinks.

Sources said she has been running the business since 1996, but began her brothel business only a few years ago. She runs the business with her daughters and one of them was actively on duty when our reporters visited the fun spot. Two underaged kids were also on hand to serve patrons and also help in calling any of the girls the customers want to have fun with.

Further investigation revealed, however, that none of the woman’s daughters who assist her in the business, is involved in prostitution. One of her daughters, in her 20s, seriously criticised the prostitutes, saying “you can see we are not of the same category, I have no business with them,” when one of our reporters implored her to hook him up with one of the ladies.

Despite all the sexual activities that take place at the building on Shonola Street, a first caller at the bar would not notice that a brothel exists there. This is because the rooms, about five in all, can only be assessed through the back door of the woman’s bar. Further findings revealed that a family from Ikere, in Ekiti state, also shares the same building where the brothel is located.

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I do not know if there is a law for / against prostitution in the entire Nigerian, state, local government / street constitution. Yes, FYI, some streets in Lagos have their own constitutions.

I once heard a woman abuse another woman, calling her a 50–Naira prostitute. It was then it dawned on me, how cheap or expensive the business could be.

An HIV-warning jingle I’ve taken note of over the past few weeks, aired on a particular radio station tells the story of a 10–year old boy who stole his parents money and went to have rounds with a prostitute. What led him there? he has watched a lot of blue, green and yellow films, and besides, the activities of mommy and daddy always left the door ajar.

With the US dollar at NGN160+, business opportunities in line with the above are on the increase.

Gov. Fashy, how far.