question: why do fathers rape their daughters

A major news item for the past few weeks around the world has to do a case of a father who has been raped his daughter all her life. The question on my mind is: why do fathers rape their daughters? I mean, why not just rape someone else, if the temptation to rape is so overwhelming. I’m of the opinion that at least, the father-child relationship should at least have prevented these fathers from their violent acts. They could have at least remembered: this is my flesh and blood.

The interesting aspect is that a lot of cases have been continuous for years, until the victims spoke. I can only wonder what got lost in these fathers lives and when, that made them repeat these ghastly acts over and over again.

The following are a handful of cases:

1) From India with Love. She accuses her father of raping her while her own mother was an accomplice. She says: My father used to rape me at least thrice a week and this went on for nine years. 3 x 52 x 9 = 1000+ times. She decided to speak out after her father decided to go version-2 on her younger sister. Its hard to believe but also hard to doubt as her experience has brought her to an unfortunate conclusion:

It was evident that the elder sibling was numbed by what she had endured, but it was equally clear that the abuse had failed to blunt her yearning for justice. “I want my father and the tantrik to be hanged. They do not deserve to live. No one should have to undergo such trauma,’’ she said.

2) Two daughters, 27–years, 19 pregnancies, 9–births, 5–miscariages, and 5–terminations. 7 of the children are alive. His son also speaks here.

3) dated back 2006, a man uses his Islamic religious beliefs to command his right to have sex with his 5–daughters.

4) starting on a deserted Island, she took a decision to flee after 5–years.

5) while this daddy rapes baby, this one decided to rape the daughter of a family friend for 6–years.

6) and I never thought sodomy was a revenge methodology. It stinks:

A father sodomized his 18-year-old stepson to avenge the teenager’s alleged rape of the man’s 8-year-old daughter, police said.

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7) If something has not happened in Nigeria, it has not happened. Only few have the guts to speak out: 16–year old claims her father fathered her sonAnd if only this woman cried rape, perhaps Nigeria would have emerged number-1 price winner on the father rapes daughter contest.

The above is by no means an exhaustive list of what google has to offer as far as ‘father rapes daughter is concerned.

My question still remains: WHY DO FATHERS RAPE THEIR DAUGHTERS?


Note: the above is just an observation, no pun intended