question: why are women used for advertisements

I have wanted to do this post for quite some time and it has been bothering me. I’ve asked so many people the above question, but they’ve either laughed out loud, smiled or replied: ‘I don’t know’.

If I was female, I believe I would be an activist, and one thing I would contend with is the idea of using semi-naked women to advertise every imaginable thing.

This is a totally honest to goodness question: is there any justifiable reason why women are used for television advertisements – with their assets as the prime focus for whatever product on sale? Is there a history, story, folk-tale behind this or was there something that happened ages ago, that sort of caught on everywhere – and unawares?

See, everyone watches TV: men and women. But why are women are used to advertise everything nowadays: men’s clothes, even men’s underwear, electronics, mobile phones, computers, cars, houses/real estate, drugs, fashion, entertainment, food, company’s products and services, etc…any product and any service – in general.

Question: In advertising-related courses in the University, is the female-gender a defined part of the course, as in do Advertising professors teach students: you have to use a woman to advertise this and that? or its something that they(advertisers) find in the industry, for which they just play ‘tag along’? And why semi-naked-women, most especially?

For example: I really can’t understand the relationship between an almost naked woman and tooth-pick or ear cotton-ball cleaners.

blogville: do females feel embarrassed, or generally uncomfortable with such or am I just old-school and simply taking things too far?

Lets talk: what do you have to say?