God forbid! Chineke! Osanobuwa! When Nigerians see what shocks them, what confuses them, what takes their breath away, what staggers their soul, they cry to God in alarm. So the Igbos say ‘Chineke!’ and the Binis say ‘Osanobuwa!’ It is a cry of bewilderment to God, for understanding.

How else can one describe this photo, this incredible photo of a young Nigerian man having sex with a she-goat? Bestiality. Staggering. Stunning. Satanic. Devilish. Crazy. Mad. Insane. It is difficult to run out of adjectives. It is difficult to understand. It is difficult to comprehend. It is impossible to grasp.

What in the world is this? What in God’s name is happening here? What in God’s name is this sicko doing to this goat? What in God’s name is this mad fool doing having sex with a goat?

Doesnt he have a wife? Doesnt he have a girlfriend? Couldnt he have paid for sex somewhere? Couldnt he have even begged for sex? Couldnt he have satisfied his needs in a private place?

Apparently, that is not what happened? Clearly, the young man was caught pants down having sex with a goat. That is why the Nigerian police is in the picture, as you can see. What a goat he is. What an animal. What a shameless goat. What a big fool. What a demonic animal!

We do know that there are many people in Nigeria who engage in all sorts of demonic sex with animals and satanic rituals all in the name of becoming rich and powerful.

We do know that there are many villages and towns and cities from Northern Nigeria to Eastern Nigeria, and from Western Nigeria to South-South, where politicians and business people, and other Nigerians looking for fame and fortune, engage in the most satanic rituals the mind can conjure, usually involving sex with animals and human sacrifices.

We condemn these satanic beliefs and practices. We believe they do not have any place in modern society. We believe that fame and fortune comes from hardwork, creativity, ingenuity, guts, self assurance, confidence in your abilities against all odds, tenacity, and perseverance. God will always reward your good efforts.


The above pic is obviously at a police-station, where our 20–Naira policemen are having a field day dealing with somebody. I believe if the arrested man had money to drop sharp-sharp, he won’t end up online. Thats Nigeria for you o!!!

And sometime ago, it was a man who turned into a goat, now, its something else. This brings to my mind my good-juju post, can someone pls tell me what roles goats play in juju.

Awaiting to hear from you!!!