question: why are there no Ibo / Igbo Muslims

I reflected during the weekend on our Muslim brothers/sisters, they had their festival(last 27th, 28th) – the remembrance of when a ram was miraculously provided for father Abraham to use in sacrifice instead of his son.

I had to greet a couple of people, neighbors, passers by around me Happy Holidays, Barka de Sala (thats the only Islamic greeting I know). And especially the Muslims, I watched as they went to pray last Friday, and I quite loved the idea that entire families trooped to the prayer ground near my house, decked in new and colorful outfits. It struck me that I didn’t find any Ibo/Igbos among those trooping to the prayer ground. I began to wonder if there are / if there aren’t any Muslims who are Ibos/Igbos, and vice-versa – or perhaps, if there are, and they are not the serious type.

I’ve done a 3–day(Friday, Saturday, Sunday) question and answer and the general conclusion is that the average Ibo/Igbo is a Christian. With the word ‘average’ quite notable, I asked Why?. “They were colonized as Christians and it has continued since then”. “Colonized as Christians” left me wondering if there has been a conscious passing of Christianity from Ibo/Igbo father to son / mother to daughter since ‘colonization’ – much like the story of the house of the Rechabites in the Bible; or perhaps the ‘average Ibo/Igbo’ is just a Christian by default – the typical /average Pastors kid, who is a Christian from the womb. Not that I doubt their(Ibo/Igbo) profession of Christian faith, I was just curious why there are no Islamics among them.

One of my respondents though gave me an answer I didn;t expect: “if you see Ibo wey say he be Muslim, the guy na guy-man, na money hin dey find. Tomorrow, you go find the guy for Church, he go tell you say he be Pastor.”

While I would take the above answer with a grain of salt, I do not suppose there hasn’t been any Ibos/Igbos who have crossed over from Christianity to Islam – just like there are a lot of Muslims who have become Christians among the Yorubas and Hausas. Perhaps there are, who are in the hiding.

Anyway, I would like to gather more information on my above observation: why are there no Ibo/Igbo Muslims?

your comments are appreciated.