AROWOLO KOLADE LUKMAN stabs his wife to death and cuts her into pieces?



When 30-year-old Akolade Arowolo and Titilayo tied the knot in November 2008, there was merrymaking as families, friends and well-wishers joined them to celebrate what appeared like true love. Many unmarried young men and women, who graced the occasion, wished they were in the shoes of the couple.

After a while, it was learnt that the couple had a baby girl. Both families and well-wishers were on hand to share the joy of the arrival of the baby with Akolade and Titilayo.

However, on Friday, it was with rude shock and disbelief that the residents of Aswani area of Isolo, Lagos where the couple lived, received the news that Titilayo had been stabbed in the chest and her body mutilated by her husband.

The question on everybody’s lips was: what could have gone wrong? Curious enough, Titilayo was murdered on her husband’s 30th birthday.

When PUNCH METRO spoke with a former classmate of Akolade in the University of Lagos, he said Akolade battered his wife on several occasions because he was frustrated. Akolade’s classmate, who craved anonymity, suspected that he (Akolade) was drunk and stabbed her to death on the day of the incident.

He said, “Arowolo lost his job about two years ago. Titilayo had been sustaining the family with her salaries. I heard he beat her, but she did not tell her relatives. She however confided in one of her colleagues.

“She got home one day and saw that he had sold her car. When she confronted him, he said he needed money. It strained their marriage for a while and she left the house. But she later went back.”

It was learnt that Titilayo, an employee of Skye Bank, Marina, confided in one of her colleagues that her marriage was undergoing challenges but was reluctant to leave because she did not want her daughter to be raised in a broken home.

Some of Akolade’s colleagues at the Federal Government College, Ijankin, Lagos, in 1998, who did not want their names to be mentioned because of the sensitivity of the case, described him as an easy going person, “who does not meddle in other people’s affairs.”

One of his colleagues, who gave his name simply as Tayo, after much pressure by our correspondent, said, “Arowolo was ahead of me for a year in Ijanikin. Sometimes he would be absent from school for a whole term and you would not even notice because he never got into trouble and never kept many friends.”

PUNCH METRO gathered that although Akolade was not gainfully employed, he was running a company registered as ‘Auditing Business’ and functioned as both the auditor and the Chief Executive Officer. Despite this, it was learnt that Titilayo was solely responsible for the upkeep of the family and this frequently caused friction between the couple.

One of Titilayo’s colleagues in the office, who craved anonymity said, “ Last Friday, she (Titilayo) started her leave and informed her parents she would be coming over for the weekend because her father lives in Ifako while she lived in Isolo with her husband. She was the one that even paid the house rent. She paid about N1.3m recently.

“When her relatives didn’t hear from her again, they called her phone several times but she didn’t pick her calls. Later, her husband called back to say they had a small misunderstanding, which had been sorted out.

“They asked to speak with her, but he said she was busy and would call back later. But they didn’t hear from them again. The neighbours however saw her husband jump through the window with blood stains and drove off. But since there was no screaming from the apartment or any noise to suggest they were quarrelling, the neighbours thought all was well.”

PUNCH METRO gathered that Titilayo’s body was discovered two days later with a knife still in her neck. She was stabbed severally in the face and chest.

When contacted, the Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Samuel Jinadu, said he was not aware of the incident and asked that he should be given more time to find out.

But when he was called two hours later, he said, “You still have to give me more time because I just left a meeting now.”

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there are so many bits of information about the abov, but one thing is clear: this Kolade guy is really sick.

He killed his wife on his birthday. Why on his birthday? for get-rich-quick ritual purposes: the man who stabbed his wife to death on his birthday.

His wife could afford to pay NGN1.3million Naira as rent and yet Mr. Arowolo cannot be entrepreneural enough to get himself to work?

Is marriage really worthi it in giving one’s all for?

as of this writing, its like his Facebook page has been taken down: – it shows “content currently unavailable – perhaps due to so many hits.

AROWOLO KOLADE LUKMAN is the name of this wretched man. I’m wondering what could have led him to this aweful fate:

  • frustration in his jobless condition? could a man be so frustrated as kiiling his wife and cutting her into pieces? really? in Nigeria?
  • jealousy
  • he is a confirmed drunk and wife beater – why dont ladies see all these signals before walking down the isle?
  • it was not his first time to beat her, why did she stay there?
  • the dead lady’s body wasnt discovered until 2-days later – this is part of the you are on your own attitude of the average Lagosian.

Titi, may your soul rest in Peace.