On planes and black-boxes

It always pains my heart to read everyday news here and there(from newspapers to the internet) about American soldiers and Iraqi civilians dying like chickens. A bomb has always been exploding somewhere in Iraq – and it has now a daily affair. I then asked myself yesterday the question: How many more Iraqi’s are alive.

For the past two days, an idea(perhaps its an old idea, but since im just meditating on it, its new to me) that has been crossing my mind was the question: why are aeroplanes not made with the same material used to make black-boxes.  The black-box(flight recorder) is a major safety invention, especially for the airline industry. Since these boxes are fire, water and everything proof, wont it be a nice idea to find a way to put humans inside such a material, and keep them alive in case of plane crashes, terrorist attacks? At least we wont have to worry about people dying anymore, or at least the casuality level will now be low

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