Vitiligo, between Michael Jackson and Lee Thomas

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DETROIT — Lee Thomas’ skin is betraying him.

His once brown, even complexion is now mottled with pale patches around his eyes and mouth, along his nose and on his ears; his arms, shoulders and chest are speckled and blotched.

“I’m a black man turning white on television and people can see it,” says Thomas, an anchor and entertainment reporter for the local Fox Broadcasting Company affiliate. “If you’ve watched me over the years, you’ve seen my hands completely change from brown to white.” 

Thomas has vitiligo, a disorder in which pigment-making cells are destroyed. White patches appear on different parts of the body, tissues in the mouth and nose, and the retina.

“There is no cause. There is no cure, and it’s very random,” Thomas says. “I could turn all the way white or mostly white.”

Thomas first noticed a change after getting a haircut while working in Louisville He looked in a mirror and thought the barber had nicked him. A closer look revealed a pale spot, about the size of a quarter

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What is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo or leukoderma is a chronic skin condition that causes loss of pigment, resulting in irregular pale patches of skin. The precise cause of vitiligo is complex and not fully understood. There is some evidence suggesting it is caused by a combination of auto-immune, genetic, and environmental factors.

Half of people with vitiligo develop patches of de-pigmented skin appearing on extremities before their 20s. The patches may grow, shrink, or remain constant in size. Patches often occur symmetrically across both sides on the body. Occasionally small areas may repigment as they are recolonised by melanocytes. The location of vitiligo affected skin changes over time, with some patches re-pigmenting and others becoming affected.

In some cases, mild trauma to an area of skin seems to cause new patches – for example around the ankles (caused by friction with shoes or sneakers). Vitiligo may also be caused by stress that affects the immune system, leading the body to react and start eliminating skin pigment.

Vitiligo on the scalp may affect the color of the hair (though not always), leaving white patches or streaks. It will similarly affect facial and body hair.

Some symptoms are:

white patches on the skin, including the face, limbs, torso, and groin
white patches on mucous membranes and around the eyes, nostrils, and mouth, premature graying of hair, sun sensitivity.

Vitiligo can have a significant effect on the psychological well being of the patient. This is especially true for darker skinned patients as the contrast between pigmented and depigmented skin can be quite drastic.

In some cultures there is a stigma attached to having vitiligo. Those affected with the condition are sometimes thought to be evil or diseased and are sometimes shunned by others in the community. People with vitiligo may feel depressed because of this stigma or because their appearance has changed dramatically. Other people with vitiligo experience no negative psychological effects at all.

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They also said that Michael Jackson has Vitiligo. I remember watching a film about his ‘whitishness’, and the explanation according to that film was that the fireworks stage effects during one of his performances went awry that some “coals of fire” on his head(how true, but who knows), burning his scalp etc, and as a result he tried to hide it with makeup etc., Now, this guy says he had Vitiligo. He even went on Oprah to talk about his condition, and that then, not many people knew about the disease, so he tried to hide it from the world – which further deepened his Whitish mystery. As much as the whole world believes he bleached,

When studying a photograph of Jackson taken at the time, Lipkin’s initial reaction was to call it “the most unusual case of vitiligo I’ve ever seen.”

Although she said it was possible that Jackson started bleaching his skin because of the disease — in order to blend his natural darker tone with the lighter blotches that were appearing — she also said that a lighter skin seemed consistent with other changes that she believes Jackson made to his features.

“When you look at the other features, the skin bleaching sort of goes along with what I think was his quest for beauty,” she said. “So I have to wonder what came first? Vitiligo or lighter skin?” 

Full story here

I think this is the question I’m interested in: which came first, Vitiligo or Bleaching.  A full review of Michael Jackson’s Vitiligo/Bleaching analysis is done here: Full information on Vitiligo: Michael Jackson
Some good points:

Michael’s makeup artist for over 20 years, Karen Faye comments:

“It started happening relatively early, he even was trying to hide it from me..he tried to hide it for quite awhile. He’d always try to cover it with makeup and even out his skin tone until it got so extensive. It’s all over his body. We were always trying to hide it and cover it for the longest time until he just had to tell Oprah and tell the world, ‘Listen I’m not trying to be white, I have a skin disease.’ In the beginning I tried to cover the light spots to match the darker part of his skin, but then it became so extensive that we had to go with the lighter part of his skin because his whole body was reacting…he’d have to be in complete full body makeup, every inch of his body. So it was easier to make the transition to him being to the lighter shade that he is.”

Michael’s mother tells us:

“His face is white because he has had this disease, and instead of having it spotted like a cow or something like that he just decided to just do the whole thing, because he could afford to do it.”

many good comments and links about MJ and Vitiligo

There are a whole lot of Vitiligo Wannabe‘s in Nigeria – i’m reporting from Lagos state. If only this Vitiligo thing could be seriously researched about and most especially reverse engineered so that rather than having ‘antivitiligo’ drugs, there could be some ‘pro-Vitiligo drugs’, I think such a Pharmaceutical firm would make it big in Nigeria, then in Africa.

Sometimes I come across some women who have bleached beyond repair and all I can do is to shake my head and wonder: WHY, O Why!

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2)   National Vitiligo Foundation
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59 thoughts on “Vitiligo, between Michael Jackson and Lee Thomas

  1. Karen Frye made those comments on the michael jackson rebuttal show to the Martin Bashir documentary. Frye was on the MJ payroll, and so was his former ‘wife’ Debbie Rowe. Throughout the show Debbie tells a string of lies that she reveals in many statements she give in court and to the press long after the show aired. Frye and Rowe say what MJ pays them to say. Frye never once used the word “Vitiligo”

  2. A dermatologist will not risk years of schooling and practice by giving a black guy that wants to be white a strong medication that could harm him, then covering it up by saying it was vitiligo. It’s not plastic surgery which is what most people get for vanity reasons, you don’t have to need plastic surgery to get it. A dermatologist will not personally give you anything they don’t feel you need.

    Michael’s dermatologist had confirmed he had Vitiligo and Discoid Lupus (this is what caused his rosy red cheeks during the Thriller era) during a deposition concerning the 1993 allegations.

    LYING UNDER OATH IN THE COURT OF LAW = PERJURY. Do you have any idea how much trouble a doctor would be in for something like that? THERE IS NO “PAYROLL”. Typical “reasoning” to dispute the vitiligo that Michael Jackson has, whether you like it or not. If its all about payroll, was Lee Thomas on Michael Jackson’s payroll? He supported him 100%, and who would know better than a follow vitiligo sufferer, sans a doctor?

    As a nurse, Rowe has obviously seen MJ naked. She would know better than most. In the Oprah Winfrey show interview in 1993, off air he unrolled his sleeves and show Oprah his blotches.

  3. That is a lie abc123
    debbie rowe in court, in the 2003 case said that no one can FORCE her to say nice things about mj.
    The prosecution team were the ones that recruited her to testify, and she had nothing but the best things to say about mj. Everyone were surprised. She was no help at all for the prosecution team. She was an absolute shocker for them, they truly thought she was the one that could expose secrets to turn the case around, however they were wrong.
    Back to the vitiligo case, i think your previous points were much better and convincing than the ones you brought up here.
    MJ’s face, in many pictures it is seen that his face was the only place affected (which seems suspicious).
    His arms are perfectly, and evenly black.
    Even MJ didn’t reveal the name of the disease on the oprah interview. People just assumed it was vitiligo.

  4. What are you people arguing about? Or trying to have a debate over?

    MJ DOES have vitiligo. Period. There is no question. He’s admitted it. Moved on. Can you not accept it?

    There was mention many years ago of him exposing himself to an oxygen coffin or something of that nature. I have always wondered if this is what triggered his vitiligo. I’ve also thought of the burn to his scalp.

    His vitiligo is not easily covered by photos during the time prior to his depigmentation.

    You can visibly see vitiliog on his face. And he wore the infamous glove. The hands are one of the first places vitiligo appears. He went from skimpy tshirts in the early 80s to full blown body cover with overly decorated suits, etc. – this was his only real defense against showing the world his hideous vitiligo. Vitiligo is ugly damn it. It’s a pathetic, good for nothing skin disorder. And if you are a dark skinned individual with vitiligo, it’s very distressing. When it spreads to all parts of the body, one of the only alternatives to becoming one color again is depigmentation. You do not need to be a rich person to get this done (despite the comment by his mother). It’s an alternative solution to the problem. Many people of all colors choose to have this option done because they want to be free of this condition that is making them look like a freak of nature.

    Do you understand that? If you were to wake up one morning to find that your skin color was being destroyed by some unknown cause and to find it spreading daily, weekly, monthly, yearly to the point where you looked like a monster of some sort or some contagious sickly person, you would stress, and it would hurt. It deeply hurts your inner spirit. It can affect all aspects of your life. But the fact is, one must go on in life. What is the alternative to that? We must live. It doesn’t kill us, this vitiligo, but it has the ability to dig into ones soul making us feel helpless, and horrible when we look in the mirror.

    So THIS is why he depigmented. It was the best solution given to him by a dermatologist.

    Had this happened to him today, as in getting afflicted with it during 2008, there may have been some better therapy available to repigment his skin, but back then, that was, for him, the best solution.

    Think about it, please. WHY would he choose to depigment his skin? He’s a Jackson 5, damn it! Sure he went under the knife, cuz he basically wanted a nose job. Tons of people get nose jobs. But his first one didn’t please him And one thing led to another in that quest to get the look he was trying to achieve. Then he got vitiligo. This I’m sure devastated him, as is obvious, his looks mattered. It mattered to him. Little did he know though that the multiple plastic surguries and his vitiligo would lead him into this whirlwind of misconception and brutality from people everywhere.

    When I look at him today, I see a depigmented black man, I see a world class star who’s done nothing wrong by wanting a new look. And I also see a beaten down soul. But he is Michael Jackson, and I think for everything he’s been through, he looks pretty good. He’s been struggling alot in the past years, but he still tries to maintain himself the best he can.

    I think he’s still cute as can be. His smile is so wonderful. And he’s still a star. Shoot, He’s an icon.
    He’s given us memories with his songs. And his music is unforgettable. Heal the World is one of my all time favorites to listen to. I feel we are all blessed to have heard his music in our lifetime.

    Well, that’s my 2¢ worth on this. I hope you people can get over your questions about what happened to his skin. He most certainly has vitiligo, and there really is no more dispute.

  5. Thank you Pete for that wonderful comment!
    It is disgusting that people choose to not believe Michael’s words. If another celebrity came out and said he has Cancer, or depression, or Parkinson’s Disease, would we call him a liar? I don’t think so. The world was in uproar when Rush Limbaugh said Michael J. Fox was “exaggerating” his Parkinson’s symptoms. But for MJ, the media created this image of him as a liar. It’s disgusting.

  6. I think some people confuse the powder as lmp has said…they think is skin was one color… white… he has been wearing heavy make up for years to cover it….some might say why hide it but I’m sure you don’t know whats its like to have vitilgo…some deal with it differently than others….this pictures on floacist’s blog clearly show this…If Michael underwent as much bleaching as people want to believe he would be dead it’s not healthy…why haven’t we heard of anyone else successfully “making themselves white” if people like to believe he did….
    anyway here’s a clip of what Karen Faye said

  7. Actually Vitiligo has not of one type. According to some expert it has five different type under the 2 main catagories. Therefore there are different type of patches on the skin of vitiligo peoples. for further detail see

  8. When it was first announced that Michael Jackson had vitiligo none of the people in my family believed him. Honestly I didn’t believe him myself until I looked at the facts and realized he do have vitiligo. I’m Michael’s number one fan and when I look at the evidence it has nothing to do with me liking him if it was anybody else with that kind of evidence I would say they had it too. First of all what people don’t realize is people that do bleach their skin the cream is not going to work that good. A black person whos started out a medium brown no matter how much cream they put on themselves it’s not going to turn you porcelian evenly white. The little boy who even accused Michael of molesting him said it was blotches on Michael skin. Everybody can believe the little boy when he say Michael molested himbut they can’t believe that. Donny Osmond said he actually saw the blotches on Michael. What would these people gain by lying for him? People don’t want to believe he had the disease because they can’t wait to make a successful, unstoppable, black man look bad. But if I was Michael I would say I’m not going to explain myself to anybody who’s too ignorant enough to no even know what vitiligo is. So how’s this America kiss my black slash white ass!! HA HA haters!!

  9. I have vitiligo on my hands, elbows, hips, knees, ankles, feet, face, and now head, and i am dark skinned.
    It blows, escpetially entering a new school, so i can understand why Mj would bleach (If he did so).
    Don’t Hate. (He he)
    But that still doesn’t explane his love life choices…haha

  10. I am Vitiligo sufferer and I remember that the first thing the pyhsician who seem to know what I have when it started asked me was ‘do u know the health condition that made MJ change his colour’?

    I got reading and found out that MJ actually Vitiligo, whats this fuss about Micheal Jackson and Vitiligo, that he is a world star does not make him moreor less of a human being. One thing I would’ve wish he did was to really use his position to create Vitiligo awareness. Still cant crucify him for not doing that because as human he went through the trauma and depression associated with Vitiligo.
    Sure most people talking about him does not have Vitiligo, but remember people are still breaking out with Vitiligo and it can happen to anybody anytime. You never really know what is going to happen in your life. Everything can be going along just fine and then out of nowhere everything changes in an instant.

    One thing we should all know is that MJ is not the only one with Vitiligo who has dipigmented, a sufferer is usually advised to that if they wish when its over 50% of their body. I think we should be talking about his nose and even at that he’s got the right to do whatever he wants to do. People looking up to him should pick the positive and leave the negative side of him.

    I am leading a support group and having a chance to know what vitiligo sufferers go through would really change our comments if given the chance. Am glad this is even making the workd know and understand this Health condition called Vitiligo more.

  11. I think Michael looks great with white skin. I wish I would get Vitiligo and turn all white the way Michael has. It’s so interesting how everyone asumes that he had depigmentation therepy despite thE fact that NOT ONCE not ever not even once in any interview ever given by Michael Jackson, by any of his family members, by any of his representatives has ever said the word “depigmentation” or “monobenzone” or anything like that. They all just say he had a “condition” or “disease”, that he “changed” or made a “transition”. Please tell me what are the chances that a black man who has shaped his nose into a thin sliver, reshaped his face as a caucasian and wears his hair straight would somehow get a disease that TURNS BLACK PEOPLE WHITE??!! What are the chances he would get the ONE disease that allows him to get his hands on MONOBENZONE legally? You tell me that! I look at his wafer thin nose, his wig of straight hair, his snow white children and I think to myself, “Oh no, there’s no way THIS guy would want WHITE SKIN.”

  12. i believe that michael jackson does have vitiligo but he didnt help himself by concealing that fact for many years because it gives narrow minded people ammunition to assume whatever they want to i believe if you look into the soul of michael he is very tortured and hurt. Who are we to say what is normal the word normal is another form of someone saying i will accept you as long as you fit the criteria in my mind as for the child abuse complete and utter bullshit as far as im concerned people who are greedy for money took the one thing that made michael a humanitarian and desicrated his name look back and remember all he has done for charity’s the money he has donated to the development of children such as institutions and also founding The Michael Jackson Burn Centre for badly burned children that may even be because he identifies with his own skin disorder i only wish he had told his fans and the world sooner then he would not have been made out to be a freak of nature which he clearly is not and for all those who say unintelligent things about him remember he was the first black man on mtv and paved the way for all now like the ushers and p diddys of this world if he wanted to be white he would have simply done it a long time ago before billie jean just from the royalties of the jackson five alone he would have done it in this world no one is perfect and i tell you there is so much more serious issues in the world that i get so annoyed when michael jackson is subjected to downright evil comments pictures and ridicule people should remember there is a human being underneath the fame and the music with a heart and feelings.

  13. I Couldn’t Believe This Mega Superstar, Michael Jackson Had This Skin Disease! I Knew There Had 2 B Another Way And I Wouldn’t Understand Y He Wouldn’t Like His Skin Race. He Wouldn’t Bleach Himself. I Kno Him Well Enough That He Wouldn’t Do Anything Like That! Plus Is There Any Such Thing as Bleaching yourself?

    P.S. I Don’t Care What Anybody Says : MICHAEL JACKSON IS MY IDOL!!!

    I Will Always Keep Your Greatness In My Heart And I Will Always LOVE You!!!!!!

  14. A misconception about vitiligo is that it has to occur everywhere and that is not the case. It can appeared anywhere and not always spread. Sometimes it stays in one spot and stay the same size. It can be detrimental to someone who has splotchy skin wouldn’t you say? Of all the diseases to point out to have. Vitiligo only effects 1 to 2% of the population. Isn’t that pretty rare? Stop accusing people of faking diseases. Good lord, what is it to you if that person has it or not? My only wish for this world is that compassion would exist. I only have love for MJ if he has vitiligo or some issues with skin color. I don’t doubt he does vitiligo but if he is trying to cover up “race” issues then more love to him.

  15. The third section irks me. Maybe I’m just reading it wrong, but it seems like you’re implying we actually want to have vitiligo. Who the hell would want their even-toned brown skin marred by random white splotches? I’m just thankful my vitiligo is easily covered-up.

  16. Michael has such a beautiful soul i wish people could have realized that earlier before he passed. I do believe he had all makes sense now!! And now apparantly the boy, EVAN CHANDLER, that accused MJ of molesting him confessed that he lied and his father made him lie for $20 million. How disrespectful!!! MJ went throught all of this ridicule about his skin his nose and the whole molestation issue while he was alive!! I just wish all this could have been found out befoe he passed…he said on the oprah winfrey show that when people think he’s lying about the things regarding his life that it hurts him!! thats soooo beautiful and sad at the same time. This man with his emotions!! I just wish he could have seen that the facts are now coming out and that more people are starting to believe him!!

  17. Michael has such a beautiful soul i wish people could have realized that earlier before he passed. I do believe he had all makes sense now!! And now apparantly the boy, EVAN CHANDLER, that accused MJ of molesting him confessed that he lied and his father made him lie for $20 million. How disrespectful!!! MJ went throught all of this ridicule about his skin his nose and the whole molestation issue while he was alive!! I just wish all this could have been found out befoe he passed…he said on the oprah winfrey show that when people think he’s lying about the things regarding his life that it hurts him!! thats soooo beautiful and sad at the same time. This man with his emotions!! I just wish he could have seen that the facts are now coming out and that more people are starting to believe him!!

  18. That explains the glove on one hand. That hand was white. That was his way of hiding his skin disorder. In the 80’s we took it as a fashion statement.

  19. R.I.P Michael. I really did believe that Michael had vitiligo. I wish people would’ve believed him.

  20. I have some skin disorder. I can understand what Michael was going through. It is tough. It would be difficult to understand what person have to live with if you did not go through it. It is difficult to come into peace with your self-image. It is not easy for the self-esteem, especially in the childhood and teen years. I feel sorry for him. I wish people would be kinder to him while he was still alive.

  21. unknown1000 or whatever your name is…First off…Evan Chandler was the father. Second, there are NO confirmed reports that Jordan Chandler admitted that his father made him say all of that stuff. It was an internet rumour that started up.

    Michael has such a beautiful soul i wish people could have realized that earlier before he passed. I do believe he had all makes sense now!! And now apparantly the boy, EVAN CHANDLER, that accused MJ of molesting him confessed that he lied and his father made him lie for $20 million. How disrespectful!!! MJ went throught all of this ridicule about his skin his nose and the whole molestation issue while he was alive!! I just wish all this could have been found out befoe he passed…he said on the oprah winfrey show that when people think he’s lying about the things regarding his life that it hurts him!! thats soooo beautiful and sad at the same time. This man with his emotions!! I just wish he could have seen that the facts are now coming out and that more people are starting to believe him!!

  22. Geneva
    That doesn’t make a lick of sense.

    First of all, in the 80s and early 90s, Jackson had a jheri curl. The jheri curl is a popular BLACK hair style. When were you born? James Brown also had a perm. Perm doesn’t
    have anything to do with being black.

    You seem to associate nose jobs with wanting to look like white people. Please show me a white person who has a
    triangle shape of a nose. His brothers and sisters and many celebrities in general have had nose jobs. Can you accuse
    them of the same thing?

  23. People do not want to believe MJ had vitiglio because it sounds better to believe he is a liar. They believe whatever the media tells them to believe when they want to find fault in a person. Only when it comes to people like MJ, do they have to try to prove themselves, but anyone else, like say for instance Michael J. Fox, whatever he says is true. Taken at face value. Why would MJ want to go from black skin to white skin. It would be such an embarrasing thing to show the world. What MJ said makes sense but because he is soft spoken and gentle, that is used against him as an attack in everything he said and did. People are so cruel, harsh, and evil. But they can say what they want, MJ didn’t have to even go on Oprah and say a word. People hate because they choose to. RIP MJ. They can’t hurt you with their words anymore.

  24. u are s right angel snif snif *crys* people are so cruel and i luv mj and everyone in ma skool used to kall him all kinds of names i got into a fight for mj once

  25. Michael Jackson was an inspiration to us all musically but unfortunately was a bad example for self love of your self, body and image.

    If he never had these deep rooted self image problems then he would never had done all the surgery, lightened his skin or perfectly straigtened his hair.

    how ever he wante to look (white/peter pan/etc…..) it was nothing like the genes in his DNA intended hin to look.

    RIP MJ – your wew an inspiration – i only whis you loved your original self as well.

  26. When I was a small child, no more than 3, I knew Michael was black even though he was “white” at the time. And as a three year old black child living in a white suburb, I at times, wanted to look white. So looking at pictures of Michael when he was 10 vs him in 1992, I always figured that he shared the same desires as myself.

    I didn’t want black barbies, baby dolls, toys of any sort. I envied white children, and as I wanted to do whatever Michael did to himself, to myself. So, if I had the money, guess what I could have done?

    A lot of people bleach their skin, mostly bleaching starts with the face because it’s the easiest place to reach and maintain with bleaching creams. Most over the counter creams thin the skin and leave it ashen and red/white much like Michael’s after and during his Thriller era. Monobenzene on the other hand completely rids the skin of pigment without harmful direct side effects, and there are people without vitiligo who use this compound. And bleaching only takes 3 years….. not 10 like in michael’s case.

    I love Michael Jackson but I truly believe he did not have Vitiligo. What I do believe is that with him, along with other self conscious people who aren’t white, that are inundated with images of whiteness being presented as ideal, collapsed. He wanted to be perfect and beautiful and in this world… someone decided to make white ideal.

    A lot of people say… well look at his one glove. Okay, vitiligo normally is symmetrical, and he would throw off that white glove during his performances revealing his gorgeous skin.

    He always wore long sleeves…. You can see pictures of him swimming and getting out of pools when his condition was said to be “all over his body.”

    Look at the patches in these pictures… Look at the ones that werent photoshopped.

    Look at his face… That’s what happens when you use HQ

    Now, in the event that he was just bleaching his skin for vanity… what would he say to deny it?

  27. Have had enough with Vitiligo? Don’t Give up your hope too soon. Our medically proven Vitiligo Treatment will make you live your life all over again. It’s easy, It’s safe and It’s quick… Have the best Vitiligo Cure at:

  28. l love michael jackson,but he bleached his skin. MJ got a thinner nose, then all of a sudden he got white by vitiligo. Not true, he bleached his skin. But it doesn’t matter if he bleached his skin to me. What matters is the “reason” for bleaching his skin. If he bleached his skin to become a whole new person to escape the bad old memories of his tormented pass, its ok to bleach your skin. If i look in the mirror and my skin is bringing back bad memories I would do whatever it takes to have peace, and if that peace is bleaching my skin to erase the bad memories i would bleach my skin too.

    Also michael might of bleached his skin to be love by all races, not just by blacks. Michael probably didn’t want to experience racism, he already had enough problems as it is, and experienced racism as a child. He once to an interviewer that his momm was called a n….., and was told to go back to africa, and his brothers would have their cars scratched because they were black in a nice car. If you noticed mj always sing songs about changing the world, “we are here to change the world”-1986, “another part of me”-1987, “heal the world”, etc. MJ wanted to be loved by all.

  29. Michael Jackson had vitiligo. You cannot dispute this, sorry.

    MJ wanted to be loved by all races? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard by far. MJ already had a universal fanbase, especially by Thriller, and was loved by all. How old are you to actually not know this? And how would be bleaching his skin would be the solution anyhow? He is still a black man and avoiding racism is impossible no matter what he looks like. He didn’t “all of a sudden” become white. He didn’t one day go from being a medium brown complexion to ghost white in a year.

  30. He took a permanent depigment cream called Monobenzone. If you are familiar with monobenzone then you would know it actually causes your skin to depig in blothches just like vitiligo. Hence….you can just brush people off by telling them you have vitiligo if questions are asked. Do you really believe he had vitiligo? Explain Latoya Jackson’s skin? She’s never admitted to having vitiligo yet her skin is considerably lighter than it used to be. Monobenzone is really hard to get UNLESS you have some of Michael Jackson’s money and have a personal dematologist who will give it to you for being compensated nicely.

  31. The autopsy of Michael Jackson confirmed he had Vitiligo. However, I have some theories as to how it happened. Either I agree with the makeup artist’s statement about the gradual change of makeup, or I believe he was messing with a chemical current Vitiligo patients use to depigment their skin today that is rather toxic to cells (which causes their depigmentation in the skin). It can be used to make a patchy dark-skinned Vitiligo patient completely white when a doctor determines their disease is spreading and not localized. However, in an article I recently read on a blog, two girls attempted to lighten their skin with it who DID NOT have Vitiligo and ended up with blotchy white spots— and, consequently, spreading Vitiligo on their bodies. So if the Vitiligo did NOT come first, it is possible he attempted to lighten his skin with this chemical and ended up with Vitiligo like these two girls did.

  32. the autopsy for when he died, reveals he had vitiligo and lupus
    is that enough proof? i guess a man has to die, before he can be relieved of all this speculation.
    And of course he treats (bleaches) his skin, This is to even out his skin tone, hes a performer always in the publics eye… plus hes very sensitive about his appearance. thats why hes so secretive about what he does to himself, as far as his changing appearance goes.

  33. La autopsia dijo ,Vitiligo y Lupus….cuando era chico,(se cuenta de un incidente en la playa) le diagnosticaron Pleuresía

    Causas de la Pleuresía:
    Existen varias causas tanto para la pleuresía aguda como la crónica

    Infección viral (influenza, parotiditis)
    Infecciones pulmonares bacterianas (p. ej., tuberculosis) o por parásitos (p. ej., amebiasis)


    Artritis reumatoide
    Metástasis de cáncer
    Enfermedad hepática y renal (crónica)
    Enfermedad drepanocítica
    Enfermedad intestinal inflamatoria
    Después de un ataque cardíaco (p. ej., síndrome de Dressler)
    Insuficiencia cardiaca
    Embolia pulmonar
    Lesión en el pecho
    Reacción farmacológica (a la nitrofurantoína, la procainamida)

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