Have you Fikad Ifika yet?

I got a mail in my box from Ifika and since we have been cross-mailing back and forth. A cord was struck when I read my mail:

Let me introduce myself. I am an ifika agent of change. I am highlighting the image of the African continent with emphasis on the youth. I want to see africans change their mentality and take control of their destinies and stop putting all their hopes up on a leader rather than themselves. The rest of the world is developing while africa seems to take a tumble. I am working to build the Africa our leaders have not addressed yet. …………………………….

anyway, guess what, we have a guest blogger: Ifika. I wanted to know what Ifika was all about, so I asked for information. The question is Have you fikad Ifika yet? Heres his/her, the article:


Ifika, is the new Africa. It is a new generation of African workers and achievers who are interested in building the image of Africa. To the ‘developed’ world, Africa is just about wildlife and naked tribesmen and women. If you think about it, to get access to the wildlife and remote village, that photographer would have come by air and landed at some airport and then travelled by tamacked road and other forms of modern life but their aim would be to get to the indegenous and then go back to their country and post that on the internet or television and then say that is modern Africa. That is not the Africa I know and love.

The africa we all know about is not what the rest of the world sees or hears about. Our parents did their part but now it is on Africa’s next generation to upgrade the continent. All across the continent the youth are doing things to facilitate such change. Ifika wants to acknowledge their efforts and encourage positive change.

To the rest of the world Africa is a poor, war ridden, tribalist, sickly and illitrate continent. Talent is over looked and their is no help from our leaders for development programs. Ifika wants to engage the youth to take ownership of their destinies and seek to be the agent of change in their community.

Ifika has the vision of a new africa where the youth will have access to a wide array of different skills and skilled personnel whom they can contact for their service, assistance or advice or just for encouragement. Ifika’s idea was further realised when 24 year old Mubarak made headlines last september with his special gift and the goverment did nothing to support him. This is why there is not very much positive news coming out of Africa. We do not encourage our youth when the take on positive attributes but are quick to showcase them when they are involved in crime. Ifika wants to be home to the youth and plans to highlight on positive qualities. The site will feature a blog segment with its content on business and development. It will also have a media gallery to feature music and documentaries done by the youth in their communities and ifika encourages you to participate and send your documentaries to us. Africa is no longer a continent but a group of ideas in ifika’s eyes. We don’t care from what tribe you are, what country you come from and we are not politically affiliated. Sure we cannot erase the borders without involving our leaders but we can do it online since the internet knows no borders.

Ifika is calling out to all Africans home and abroad, African descendants and anyone with a vested interest to see the continent develop. Become an Ifika agent of change. Most importantly ifika is all African. Together we can build the Africa we want.

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2 thoughts on “Have you Fikad Ifika yet?

  1. First off, big Up Nairaland. (Why do you call it nairaland)?
    Nairobery youth in the buildginG. I was just wondering what city would be the first to legalize in Africa?

  2. Thank you first and foremost to my pen my paper. You gave this youth a chance when not many would. For this gesture i am grateful to the peace loving people of Nigeria. Greetings from Kenya. The continent will be inherited by us, The Youth. I am here to set an example for those that want it. I continue to press on even when it seems i am alone. I have the gift of courage and dont mind failure as long as i can learn from it. I encourage you with a voice, speak up. the continent will not change itself. People have to bring about such change. Teach me the right and not the wrong. Thank you to my pen for lending me your paper.

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