16year old girl – my dad is the father of my son



This was what first popped into my mind when I saw the heading of the above newspaper hard-copy. I had to tell the newspaper guy to turn around and let me see the picture.

I wonder why bad news usually has the most interesting news titles.

By Emma Una/ Calabar
A 16-year-old girl, Miss Benita Arit Etim Edem, has made a shocking confession, alleging she was impregnated by her 70-year-old father, Etim Edem Edet.

Miss Arit, who has abandoned her father’s residence at Ikot Ishie community, and is currently residing with her maternal uncle at Big Qua Town in Calabar, Cross River state, has vowed not to call Edet “my father any longer”, saying “the punishment and the disgrace he has put me through is too much.”

But, the septuagenarian, who feigned innocence, described the girl, at press time, as a liar, saying it was an abomination in Efik nation for a father to have sex with his own daughter.  Speaking to her kinsmen and other residents of the Big Qua community, Arit said the sordid relationship between her and Mr. Edet, started after the death of her mother about four years ago, as the man allegedly pampered her with gifts and always wanted  her to sleep with him in the same bedroom.

Her words: “I was just 12 years old, when he started sleeping with me.  In fact I did not know what was going on because I was still too young.”
The girl, who claimed she was deflowered by her father, lamented that “It is a sad story to tell people that somebody who married my mother and gave birth to me, has turned out to be the direct father of my own child”. Weeping uncontrollably, she pointed her finger towards the direction of her four-year-old son, Master Eyo, saying, “Look at what he has done to me.  That child is my father’s child; he was the one that impregnated me”. For about two years after the death of her mother, Arit said, her father allegedly made her a sex object, scaring away any boy that attempted to approach her for love.
Throughout the period, she said her father always admired her, especially each time she returned from the bathroom, with a towel tied around her chest.

Apparently unable to control his libido, she said, the man always resorted to touching her buttocks, breasts and rubbing her back, saying “I am a beautiful girl”.

According to Arit, the  father started the abominable act again when Master Eyo, who was born through the incestuous relationship between the father and daughter, was about two years old, the 70-year-old man allegedly resumed his amorous advances, saying it was time to wean the little boy so that we can start. As  I stopped breast feeding my child, he started, but  I could not continue with the nonsense he was doing with me.”

From that day, she said she took the decision to  stop her father  from having carnal knowledge of  her,

‘I have  not known peace in my  father’s house, as he has been fighting me, telling me to leave his house”. According to her, “there was a day he even called me and gave me N20,000 to take to my boyfriend, so that we can continue, but I refused”.

When confronted with the allegation, Edet refuted it, describing the girl as a thief.  He alleged that the girl rather stole his N20,000, which he made futile effort to recoup.  Arit, who reportedly ended her educational career in junior secondary school, said her father has offered to send her back to school and provide all her needs, if only she will return to the house and live with him as his wife

Convinced that little Eyo was the product of the old man, Arit said she was prepared to take the child and Mr. Edet for a DNA test and other medical examination to prove the paternity of the boy. She claimed Eyo was a clone of his father. She said both of them have a depression on the head, round cheeks, light complexion, and  an identical facial appearance. Arit said her decision not to return to her father’s house has been widely supported by residents of the Ikot Ishie community, including Mr. Edet’s tenants, who felt it was necessary to put an end to the relationship.

above picture and story from PM News, its also on their front page today.

Much ado about the story. What of those no one hears about?

Assuming the above is true? My own question is: does this boy have a grandfather, considering the normal understanding of grandfather that we all have.

8 thoughts on “16year old girl – my dad is the father of my son

  1. Wow
    didn’t this also happen to an Austrian man a while back and his daughter.

    I really don’t think having a grandfather who molested your mother is an addition. Hopefully the girls uncle will step in and act as a father figure but for real that child is screwed up for life. We need to pray for kids like this cuz i can only imagine the way he is treated in the community knowing that he is a result of rape, incest and child abuse


  2. hmmmm, a realy sad case….a 70 yr old father of a 16 yr old girl…that alone is perverted…now he is also the father of her child, which is an abomination…I am against jungle justice but this is one of the instances it would be welcomed…

  3. And the fool is denying it despite the fact that there is evidence in the form of the child… I hope she proves her case with the relevant DNA tests and the fool is dealt with severely.

  4. sadly enough i know someone here in the states who’s father is also his grandfather, and know several ladies who where raped by their fathers growing up, (my mother one of them) i will never understand why these things happen :(

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