John Lennon is in Hell

I remember when I was still a kid. If I were to wake up in the morning and tell momsi that I had a dream, she would sit and listen. If I told popsi that I had a dream, the first thing he would do was to ask me if I ate dinner last night. I remember once, I didn’t eat dinner the night before and I had a dream……too much of Night rider movies I guess. Popsi had to call out to momsi to give me food immediately, before he listened to my dream. Some years later I had to ask popsi what the relationship between dinner and dreams was. He told me outrightly that people that don’t take dinner usually have bad dreams. I supposed that was just to get me to eat dinner daily. Talk about parental brainy moves.

It was the same question that crossed my mind as I checked my mailbox, read through PDF documents from a friend about Revelation of Heaven and Hell by 7 Columbian Youths. I asked myself if those youths ate dinner the night before their dream, besides, I wondered the circumstances that got the seven of them together, made them all have the same dream, why they are seven in number in the first place, etc, etc. Why not for example, 15–youths, 29 youths? Whats with the 7? So I decided to check it out in google to see if t’was a hoax or not. The following are some links:

My google result is here

I do not mean to make jest of the above ‘revelations’. It might or might not be genuine. It doesn’t really matter. There just a thin line between religion and extremism. Its just that the John Lennon stuff makes me wonder if these youths were John Lennon fans foes before their dream etc. I don’t know John Lennon, google just tells me he was a musician.

Anyway, my thoughts are these:

I’m not a fan of the Nigerian Police, so if I were to have a dream and see anyone in Hell, I believe whoever I will see in hell will be wearing the Nigerian Police uniform, bringing me to a conclusion(after my dream is over) that all dead Nigerian Police men and women are in Hell. Hhmmm, thinking: the way the still-living Nigerian Police people behave is sometimes hell-prone. So I might be right anyway.

Just a thought, no pun intended. I’m also trying to see how many dead Nigerian politicians I can recognize, so if I had a dream, how many of them would I see upstairs or downstairs.

Now, share your thoughts:

  • have you even been told about the relationship between dinner and dreams? how about breakfast?
  • Just in case you’ve had a dream of Heaven and Hell, tell us.




  • momsi – Mommy
  • popsi – Daddy

10 thoughts on “John Lennon is in Hell

  1. im a dreamer. since a child. and my dreams are always spiritually-sourced. basically, there is heaven and earth as what the Bible is telling us. I have dreamt of past loved ones like grandma and uncle who died years ago but i can’t confirm very well if the other one is in heaven and the other is in hell. but the way our conversation went during my dreams i am having some little ideas. first, i dreamt of grandma. she told me that she’s staying in heaven for few months (dream happened somewhere in 1999 she died in 1998). then she showed me the pictures of a man, like the Son of God who took her in that place as she was telling me. so i thought shes there in heaven. then the next dream. it was my uncle. i was walking along the road when all of a sudden he appeared somewhere from my back and put his shoulders upon me. i didn’t fear but in my dream i was aware he’s dead. then in the dream i asked him what’s the matter, he then told me that he is very troubled thinking about his children left (my cousins who are all married and living good lives). he begged to help him. so when i woke up, I cried and promised myself to evangelize my cousins. they are not still Christians.

    and the best one that i couldn’t forget was my mother’s real life experience about heaven. she told me that when i was in fifth grade. she said when she was about 4 years old, she was very sick. they lived at the foothills of a mountain adn there was no doctor or any medical assistance to seek that time. what happened was she died that moment. when she died, her eyes opened into another world. she was walking and a group of angels were leading her way. there were some angels at her back and in front. it was a straight path that they were taking. when they reached a certain point, she heard a very nice music like a grand piano playing. there was a very huge stairs and below were gardens of roses in pink. and the scent was very heavenly. no earthly scent she had ever smell as sweet as that smell accdng to her. then they took the stairs and when they reached the wide area the angels asked her to stay and dont leave because the angels will enter a certain private room for the next instruction for her. then my mother stopped and didnt move. it took a while. she was watching the angels enter the room and when they went back to her, the angels told her that the Master said, it was not yet her time and that she had to go back. then the angels again went with her back to home. when she physically woke up, she saw everyone was crying already. her mom and dad. then she asked her dad why they were crying. my grandpa said she was 3 hours dead and not breathing. then she told them the whole story….
    ……….. i have lots of experience to tell maybe next time I’ll tell more.

  2. They say God is a God of sevens – plus it agrees with scripture.

    Google up heart surgeon Dr Rawlings who brings people back from the dead – terryfying.

  3. whether man believes or not, the truth about heaven and hell is as real as the existence of God himself. And his word ( the bible ) is as explicit as it can be about the horrors of hell. God is only confirming His word through visions of hell. We should however know that God is breaking limits just to reach to us, an example is the several out-of-body experiences and visions of hell. I’ll advise us to heed to these warnings and stop the skepticism toward this visions.

  4. I am a Christian – not a good one – but I read Bill WEISE’s BOOK ON “23 minutes in hell” – terrified the life out of me. He is also in youtube. After this you will realise why Jesus had to go through the awful experience that he went through. But as Bill said if you don’t believe his book then believe the Bible quotations alongside. I wish i had read a book like this when I was
    a young man – I might have avoided a lot of sin.

  5. John lennon is in hell. John lennon rejected Jesus christ as lord and personal saviour. John made mockery of christianity. Satan is mocking John lennon in hell fire now.

  6. Let us stop doubting the existence of heaven and hell. The Holy Bible confirms that every soul that dies goes somewhere, which may be heaven or hell. Let us stop idolizing people. They are human and are accountable to God for their deeds. Hell is real. Satan does not want people to believe. Satan delights in populating hell. God reveals the final abode of some dead people so that those that are still alive can repent and turn away from their evil ways. Let us not despise these revelations. Let us apply them to our individual lives and ask for the mercy of God to prevail over our lives. Let us surrender totally to the Lord Jesus christ, the author and finisher of our faith.

  7. Religion does not save anyone. Therefore, irrespective of any religion you believe in whether Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Catholicism, or you are an atheist or an agnostic, without faith in the lord and saviour Jesus christ, you will go to hell. Salvation is not found in a religion, creed or religious piety and activities. Salvation is found only in accepting Jesus christ as lord and saviour. Religion deceives people and gives a false impression of repentance. Only Jesus christ can save man from the power of sin and melt a hardened heart of a sinner to become soft and receptive to the gospel. Do not be deceived by the religion you profess. Run to Jesus christ. Jesus christ is the saviour of your soul.

  8. There is a hell to shun and a heaven to gain. Jesus paid the price of the redemption of mankind on the cross of calvary. Stop doubting these revelations. They are given to us by God to edify the body of Jesus christ on earth and to prepare the church for the second coming of Jesus christ. Accept Jesus christ today. Tomorrow may be too late. Do not mock the existence of God. God is real. Do not let satan, that great deceiver, who is deceiving the whole world, deceive you to hell. Hell is real. Do not choose hell. Choose godliness. Choose heaven. Choose eternal life.

  9. Say ‘NO’ to satan. Satan does not love your soul. Say ‘YES’ to Jesus christ. Satan hates your soul but Jesus loves you to the extent that Jesus died a shameful death for your sins. Do not ignore salvation. Receive Jesus into your heart as your lord and saviour. Come to Jesus today. Tomorrow may too late. Jesus christ is the only true and righteous way to heaven.

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