question: why do fathers rape their daughters

A major news item for the past few weeks around the world has to do a case of a father who has been raped his daughter all her life. The question on my mind is: why do fathers rape their daughters? I mean, why not just rape someone else, if the temptation to rape is so overwhelming. I’m of the opinion that at least, the father-child relationship should at least have prevented these fathers from their violent acts. They could have at least remembered: this is my flesh and blood.

The interesting aspect is that a lot of cases have been continuous for years, until the victims spoke. I can only wonder what got lost in these fathers lives and when, that made them repeat these ghastly acts over and over again.

The following are a handful of cases:

1) From India with Love. She accuses her father of raping her while her own mother was an accomplice. She says: My father used to rape me at least thrice a week and this went on for nine years. 3 x 52 x 9 = 1000+ times. She decided to speak out after her father decided to go version-2 on her younger sister. Its hard to believe but also hard to doubt as her experience has brought her to an unfortunate conclusion:

It was evident that the elder sibling was numbed by what she had endured, but it was equally clear that the abuse had failed to blunt her yearning for justice. “I want my father and the tantrik to be hanged. They do not deserve to live. No one should have to undergo such trauma,’’ she said.

2) Two daughters, 27–years, 19 pregnancies, 9–births, 5–miscariages, and 5–terminations. 7 of the children are alive. His son also speaks here.

3) dated back 2006, a man uses his Islamic religious beliefs to command his right to have sex with his 5–daughters.

4) starting on a deserted Island, she took a decision to flee after 5–years.

5) while this daddy rapes baby, this one decided to rape the daughter of a family friend for 6–years.

6) and I never thought sodomy was a revenge methodology. It stinks:

A father sodomized his 18-year-old stepson to avenge the teenager’s alleged rape of the man’s 8-year-old daughter, police said.

read on: son rapes daughter, father rapes son

7) If something has not happened in Nigeria, it has not happened. Only few have the guts to speak out: 16–year old claims her father fathered her sonAnd if only this woman cried rape, perhaps Nigeria would have emerged number-1 price winner on the father rapes daughter contest.

The above is by no means an exhaustive list of what google has to offer as far as ‘father rapes daughter is concerned.

My question still remains: WHY DO FATHERS RAPE THEIR DAUGHTERS?


Note: the above is just an observation, no pun intended

23 thoughts on “question: why do fathers rape their daughters

  1. Toks,

    You know how this thing works. Depression goes well with poverty and suicide. I don’t think any right thinking individual will do this to their kids and in a situation whereby daughters cannot report their fathers or uncles for fear of being accused of tearing the family apart or evil threats… it just goes on and on. The only time we get to hear is when pregnancy is involved. What about those who use their daughters for rituals, do these girls ever survive to tell the tale?

    It’s our society man, many people just aren’t normal anymore, we see them on the road everyday, we are used to them. What do we do? Live and let live!



  2. Daughters get more close to their father. They share lot of information about family. Most of the time a Father and Daughter becomes friends which is good.

    If fathere gets deep depression or is alcholic he can misbehave to any body in the world. So the inocient daughter becomes the target. She first times tries to ignore it because the crimnal is father and she don’t want to put him in trouble.

    Only Islam tells us that an adult male child and his mother can not be there in a single room, because evil thinking can come at any time.

    Only Islam tells us that an adult female child and her father can not be there in a single room, because evil thinking can come at any time.

    It is proved that eating pig meat and drinking alcohol can make a person todo these acts.

    When some fool drinks he don’t know who is infront of him and what is the relation between them. so he does these crimes. Heridity Muslims also drink alcoho these days.

    Pig is the only animal who invites other pigs to fuck his wife othere wise all the animals of the world don’t allow any other animal to fuck their wife. This can get transfered when people take pig meat.

    Once Father does this kind of humanas crime, he can repeate it after all he is human. A social animal.

  3. @ Fayaz; you ignorant fuck, ‘It is proved that eating pig meat and drinking alcohol can make a person todo these acts’, what proof?! Are you saying the good majority of the world are child-fuckers and doggie-do’ers simply because we eat pork and drink? Pigs are animals, we are animals, animals are not sexually monogamous. Look it up in the dictionary. And turn on the telly, watch some tv — open up your ignorant mind and welcome to the 21st century. Pigs don’t need to be blessed because they are dirty, pigs are actually pretty clean. Go to school learn some real knowledge, not the useless propaganda your Sheiks teach you. You marry your fucken cousins, you fucking inbreeds. That’s almost on the same page as incest.

  4. Go and fuck yourself all you stupid religious bastards.

    My father raped me when I was 3 years old and I am still suffering from it. Then he took me to a religious cult for 20 years and forced me to say that I was a born again Christian to forget about it. Religion fosters incest and it has done me no good whatsoever.

    My father should rot in hell for what he has done to me. Don’t be fooled all you girls out there who think that your father loves you. He is not a man who is capable of love.

    What sort of a man rapes his own baby girl child? What sort of a parent does that? What sort of a mother allows her daugther to be raped in order for her to have a roof over her head because she can’t be bothered going out to work herslef.?
    What sort of a GOD allows these things to happen????
    And don’t give me all that shit about free will and God’s will and that for there to be good, there needs to be evil. There needs to be evil like a hole in the head and anyone who believes that boring cliche should be raped themselves and then we’ll see if they are still saying the same fucking thing.


  5. I do notice tht my husband do touch our 10months old daughter breast,when he saw me our of the kitchen he remove his hand.i try i talk about it,he pick up quarrel with me.he dose this almost every time.what kind i do to prevent he from hurt our child.and how do i catch him redhandly.he wants me to do so?

  6. Kasy

    kasy :I do notice tht my husband do touch our 10months old daughter breast,when he saw me our of the kitchen he remove his hand.i try i talk about it,he pick up quarrel with me.he dose this almost every time.what kind i do to prevent he from hurt our child.and how do i catch him redhandly.he wants me to do so?

    You’ve already seen the signs ( him inapproiately touching your daughter) you’ve alreaddy caught him and confronted him. Why do you need to wait for him to do something even worse to your daughter? (ie catch him red handed) Im not sure what part of the world you’re in, but if i were you, i’d take my daughter and get the heck of out there as soon as possible before he seriously harms you and or your daughter. I can guarenteee that your daughter will hate you later on, if you let him harm her, I CAN GUARENTEE U THAT. Here north america there are places you can go and stay (we call them shelters for women and children) There is no excuse for staying with him, normal loving fathers do not touch their daughters in that manner and i hope you do the right thing and try and get your family to support you. and please dont listen to them if they say… “Oh you’re making something out of nothing.. hes so great with the kids, you should be happy hes such a great father and that you have a roof over your head.” leave him now or you’ll regret it later. I wish you the best of luck feel free to post again

  7. All religions justify evil! If the holy books really come from God, well then, it should be without question perfect, RIGHT! Well, it isn’t, and thus it is made by men, for men.

    I have lost all faith in all those Godly Books! If my own mind cannot see justice in it, well then, it is not from God. Period!

  8. If you read the Bible, you’d know that father-daughter sex is not forbidden. Nowhere is it outlawed, and in fact Lot’s daughter initiated their sex.

  9. @Raj
    are you sure you read the correct “Bible” that doesn’t forbid a father-daughter sexsual relationship in whatever form (by consent or by force)?

    Lot’s daughters deceived Lot to commit incest with them – hope you read that Lots daughters got him so drunk that he didnt know what he was doing for the two nights he got them impregnated?

  10. Hey well i can’t help but commenting my thoughts on here. i agree with catherinej on the part where if your father does that to you he doesnt love you as a father should love his daughter or son. Its very wrong. I was mmm raped for years while living with my dad while mom was at work, i thought he was my friend …my dad. He would say he would stop, gave me hope but he never did guess maybe that why i stayed or i didnt want him go to jail. Tho didnt stop me from going to my school and telling everyone, but lol i was ignored. o.o but when my dad found out about it i was whipped and told not to to say anything but say it was a dream. ah well hell no one listened anyways. i never figured at the time he didnt love me. i figure now he loved me in a way a wife and husband should love one another. he had depression and was layed off from work so thats when all that started. i didnt believe in god either catherinej, i doubt in one becus of it, but yes god gave free will. tho it says in the bible not to do these things becus it is wrong, it does not stop them from doing it or from using regelion as a means of doing it or proving that it is right and justly due to “god”. because disgracfull acts have been done in the name of god not only raping of ones daughter…many people use relegion in the wrong way and twist it to deem it their right to do this. its not god’s fault its humans fault. we are so faulte and none of us are perfect beings. i have come to accept this wrong done in my life due to a great man in my life today without him i probably wouldnt have found peace in accepting this, and moving on. your way of dealing with this wrong done to you in your life will be hard to accept…but it can be done. o.o and kasy u definily need to call police, or leave your husband if he is groping your daughter like that. dont deny it. you saw it. dont be blinded by shock. take action now. your daughter wont hate you if you explain to her why you lefted “dade”. just be truthful and honest with her. shell be fine and shell learn what true love is. love from you. ah anyways i’ve talked enough BYE BYE GL GUYS AND GALS.

  11. I know that most people who rape their daughters for the most part have also been sexually abused. If a mother sees her husband do it, she should definitly confront him ASAP because the daughter will hate both parents later whn she finds out that the mother did nothing about it when she found out.

  12. there are also parents who allow their daughters to get beat up and raped by others not just the Father. it says in the bible in the end of days your own family will hand you over to your enemies

  13. i just don’t understand why the Christian bible talks about how children should not abandon their Parents when they get old. How is a child of victim abuse to stick around and live with around so much ignorance and evil?

  14. @Leilani,

    its a valid point you’re making there, but I think what the Bible seeks to instruct is the lesson of forgiveness. Yes, the child(daughter in this case) might not be living with them anymore as a result of her past painful experience at home, but she should not just abandon them totally (as in the I dont know you idea), she should forgive her parents(I am assuming the lady is now a Christian) and do the needful (to support them financially) should they require/request her support.

    where there is life, there is hope and for the fact that she is still alive (there are many like her who have died), she still has hope.

  15. Because they’re pedophiles-they prefer children. How difficult is it to dominate an eight year old? Needless to say the father also has a sense of entitlement, a singular lack of empathy and no remorse for his actions. They’re utterly selfish. My mother knew and she did nothing to help me.She was complicit, and blamed me when it was going on instead of reporting my father. She was only interested in keeping her face saving fiction of a marriage going. My father looked like a ‘nice guy’ but he wasn’t a good person. He was a predator, very immature and an alcoholic.His behavior didn’t stop when he stopped drinking. He raped me because he could, it was a convenience. Children get used like sex dolls sometimes. Ugh. He got away with it, but he should have gone to jail. He’s dead now. Dr. Judith Herman has some wonderful books- Father Daughter Incest and Trauma and Recovery The Aftermath of Violence. ‘Secrecy and silence are the perpetrator’s first line of defense. If secrecy fails the perpetrator attacks the credibility of his victim. If he cannot silence her absolutely, he tries to make sure no one listens. The more powerful the perpetrator, the greater is his prerogative to name and define reality’ Something in Leviticus against having sex with the underaged , as well as something in the Koran that I read somewhere recently.

  16. I was a witness to a rape of my friends daughter. It was my friend doing it, he was 54 at the time… his daughter was 11. I didn’t think,,, ohh he won’t do it again ?, this may be the first time?, maybe if I talk to him he’ll stop?…… I thought, he is not my friend anymore or ever again….. then I turned him into the police. The daughter is doing way beter, she is having trouble at school though.. She told the police of many more rapes 47 I believe. She still is worried about pointing her finger at him in court. I live in a small Oregon town and many people are not happy with me for turning in their friend. It has been a hard almost 11 months now. He was very liked in this town and most think he didn’t do it. He was in jail for 5 months till they reduced his bail to $450K. His father took a loan on the house and came up with $45k cash to get him out.. That was the first part of Nov 2011. I was afraid he’d shoot me and the daughter… Here in oregon 1 count is 25 years.. so why not. I got a big gun and will shoot him if need be. I chose a sw 686p a very good gun for taking out a person that has sexual intercourse with their 11 year old daughter. This is of course, if in a life threatning situation or if I catch him doing it again….. I am soooo happy that I was able to stop this heinous father from continuing his shockingly evil actions. His trial is coming up this June and I can hardly wait for it to be over. So forget about the bible and pig and other garbage like that…. Rape is not right. it is unlawful heinous, hurtful, and degrading…. If you see your husband abusing your daughter you must confront him. I believe he will continue and your recourse should be to tell the authorities.

  17. I am in the unfortunate position of being the “protective parent” in my situation. My ex groomed my daughter when she was two. My mother and I caught my daughter “humping” the arm of the couch. We have both been raped as children, so when we saw her do that, we looked at each other. My ex chimed in quickly “The dog must have taught her to do it.” It was when he made that excuse that I realized he had already started on her. I left and was able to keep my daughter from her dad for a yr before the courts forced me to let him have visitation. On her first weekend, she was anally raped. When I got her back, we were lying in bed and she asked me to stick her finger in her butt. My daughter was only three, that is not something you want to hear from her. I called my attorney and they said that until there is evidence or my daughter discloses to the “proper authorities” there is nothing i can do. My daughter named three of her attackers a year later. To me and my neighbor. I took her to the dr immediately and there was no evidence. Then her father kidnapped her after accusing all three of my sons of raping her.and kept her for a month. Now more recently she has been unable to move her bowels for a week at a time. When she returns from her father’s she complains that she can’t poop and that her stomach hurts. I plan on contacting her pediatrician after keeping a record of her bowel movements when she returns. The cops in both mo and ks are waiting for physical evidence and for her to “rat” on her “boyfriends”. So I feel so powerless. I will be getting her into counseling at a rape crisis center in aug. I hope to make a break through before permanant damage is done. I have regularly had the dr make sure that her hymen is intact. At her last check up it was. But she is having severe behavioral problems in the meantime. And I have been warned that if i accuse her father, the judge will take my daughter away from me and give her to her father. So if anyone has any other ideas let me know. I am doing everything I can think of and I still look for more to do. My greatest fear is that my daughter will think i didn’t try to protect her. That’s all Ive done for three years. But the courts care more about father’s rights than my daughter’s well being.

  18. Well for some father aside from loving their daughter in daily basis, extending that love means a control of any urge that may arise. Men can’t deny that their daughter tend to grow up and body will be shaped like real women. For the fathers out there, Control it and divert your attention to other things. We are human we fall. But we can also do things to counter measure it.

  19. For me it started when i was 11 years old. I really don’t understand why? I got married when i was 15 yrs so I could get away from him. After time passed had my four kids and invited Jesus in my heart again I asked God to help me heal my heart and mind. I was able to be around him but always with precaution for my children. Of course I had talked to my children about what had happened & who it was and if in any way they felt he tried to touch them to yell. Well everything was good till last month when they brought up the subject with lies and saying that I was crazy. I love them and it hurts me that my own family would do that to me all my life i have listened how they did not want me, them dressing me as a boy and cutting my hair so small that would make me fell so a sham, giving me the left overs from my older sister. It’s really hard to live like this.

  20. may God never forgive any father that rapes, Gosh………. how painful it is to be raped.. and not just raped by anybody but your father!!!!!!!!! i blive any man that rapes should be hanged to death!! and any father that rapes should be delivered, because no true father of his own blood would think of such concerning his own daughter(s) but if there is any sacred religion such as that i pray God sets such place on total destruction before they ruin the lives of innocent girls..

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