Question: after the flood, where in the Bible did the black race start from

The Bible tells us that Adam knew his wife, Cain knew his wife, Abraham knew his wife, Isaac knew his wife etcetera, etcetera.

It didn’t tell us if they were black or white.

Lets forget everything before the flood for 1–sec.

My question is: after the flood, where did the black race start from? how did it happen – the birth of the first black man? except ofcourse Noah and his family were all black.


p.s: the above is just my thoughts running, nothing special.

12 thoughts on “Question: after the flood, where in the Bible did the black race start from

  1. Noah and his family were probably black…. The existence of foliage in frozen ice in the antartica seems to suggest that the earth’s climate was once more uniform – consistent with the belief that the flood was occasioned by an axis change to the 23 and a half degree tilt which gives us our distinct variation in climate from the equator outward. It is a well known fact that melanin is produced in the skin due to interactions with UV light; which would have drastically increased in the regions of the equator and reduced towards the poles. Nina Jablonski has an evolutionist’s view of skin color in this TED talk.

  2. noah had 3 children
    one was black
    i think it was Ham whose son is Canaan who descendents live in Africa today

  3. @mentyola
    Noah had 3 children and one was black? how come?

    you mean Noah and his wife were white and they had a black child? the Ham guy must be abnormal then.

  4. LMBAO

    As far as I’m concerned Black people came first. I’m not descended from Jews.
    To each their own.

  5. what is faith? it is believing without doubting what God has revealed and in this case he has revealed the black race to be real.Therfore let us believe in faith and doubt no more. God be with us all. Amen.

  6. Well I think it a food for thought, we all need to ask ourselves some basic simple questions about how we (black race) came to be, since we are not mentioned in the Bible after the flood.

  7. If you are good bible scholar you will know that amongs Noah’s childred was Ham. The bible described him as a someone darkened by the sun. Out of whom Egypt came and every black race. Just search the scripture to study to become a workman that needs not be ashamed rightly interpreting the word of God with understanding.

  8. Babylon, remember when they were separated? they each went to different parts of the earth, and according to their atmesphere they adapted.

  9. Hey ! blacks and whites who ONE and the SAME, it’s in your ” DNA” not theBible that’s man made BS, besides What about the ” YEllow RACE ” or the never ever mention , the ” HOST ” of America , the loving Peaceful ” RED RACE” could these Two RACIST , been immergrants hiding with the animals without Noah ” Knowledage ? Can you ask your ” GOD” I only own a ” DOG” that we have and LOVE . blessing….food for Thought!

  10. P.S. maybe this will END your silly argument , READ ! W J Sidis ” American Tribles ” that will end side of the argument , I dought it will end Europes Doughters , good luck ” FACTS and Belifes ” TWO different animals…get it?

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