UNHOLY Matrimony pictures part-1

“UNHOLY Matrimony” that was the title of the email in my box this morning:

















Questions that stink:

  • what are ladies doing in the above pictures as flower girls and friends of the he-bride?
  • is Love so sick that tears would role down the eyes of a man as he proclaims Love for another man?
  • who would give this he-bride away? his / her father?

Wahala dey for this world o.

5 thoughts on “UNHOLY Matrimony pictures part-1

  1. i want to bilieve they ladies among them are not real ladies God pls step in to this situation i personally beg you sir.

  2. These are signs of the end time that the word of God spoke about. We must ebangelise more and more to snatch people away from the hand of the devil. This is actually a demonic operation. The people in the pictures require our prayers. They don’t really know what they are doing. If they knew, they would not attempt such dirty ceremony.

  3. Infact i’m shivering, i’m so in fear and trepidation, i just do not know what to say, this is the abomination that causes desolation. May God helps in this lasts days, may we as christians influence our society with the good news of the kingdom of God, are these pictures above not enough reasons for us to rise up.Yes we can

  4. am not suprise because the end time is at hand, i hope the lady there are insame they dont know what they are doing, i pray God will help us. let God should guide and protect us because some people will be doing it now, am such is the devil trick to capture the christian, may God be with us na wa 4 human being ooo.

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