Nigerian actor Nkem Owoh (Osuofia) Kidnapped, Abductors Demand N15 Million Naira Ransom



The menace of kidnapping in Nigeria has taken another surprising dimension as the initial attention focused on oil workers/expatriates and politicians for money making has now been shifted, as people in the entertainment industry are now considered as object of attack by the dreaded and faceless abductors. Report reaching today revealed that Nkem Owoh Nigerian Popular actor/Comedian popularly known as Osuofia has been whisked away and kidnapped since Friday (Nov. 6) by unknown gunmen. 

The source through a phone call told that Osuofia had earlier called to inform them that he has been kidnapped. He was kidnapped along Enugu-Port harcourt Express way.

The kidnappers are reported to have demanded 15 million Naira ransom from the family of Nkem Owoh. Details are still foggy as at press time, as every attempt to reach out to stakeholders in Nollywood about this ugly developments have proved abortive.It would be recalled that sometime Mid-August this year, another veteran Nigerian actor, Chief 

Pete Edochie was also kidnapped in a similar manner at Nkpor, a suburb in the commercial town of Onitsha (Anambra State) by armed abductors.


Before it was Peter Edochie, now its Osuofia. Wahala dey for Naija o. Nigerian actors better go get security guards. I heard of the above on the news 7am news this morning, and I actually thought it was a joke.

I guess this means we are not safe in our own country anymore. Virtually, anybody can be kidnapped. Anyway, maybe after the kidnappers kidnap everybody, they will begin kidnapping themselves.

It was just some few weeks ago that I watched the Movie: Osufia in London. If you are looking for a good laugh, pls proceed to this youtube link, with other clips, on the left hand side.

38 thoughts on “Nigerian actor Nkem Owoh (Osuofia) Kidnapped, Abductors Demand N15 Million Naira Ransom

  1. History records the generation and dynasty of kings and not the soldiers that fight wars for kings.By now these youths that are used to perpetrate these acts should begin to be kings and not soldiers.Slavery has not ended.Why should a man contract another man to kidnap a fellow,he should have done it by himsel; if he has the nerves?Kidnapping is not a way of life.It is just because a lot of youths had decided to stupidly and sheepishly become slaves instead of masters of their own environments.Youths of Nigeria,free yourselves.You have nothing to loose,but your chains.All these Zootic developments paint the Nigeria society black abroad.Kidnapping has never being a solution to a truce,but it is a fuel to conflict.Whoever that has an issue with Nkem Owoh should go to him and settle it man to man amicably and not through abducting him.This issue has made a lot of people abroad still regard Nigeria an ‘Animal Kingdom’ where there is no values to human lives.Everyday,the image of Nigeria goes down.Youths,become kings and not soldiers.

  2. This is quite disastrous. Things are really going out of hand. From expatriates to Business tycoons, now entertainers? God save Nigeria!

  3. This is inhumanity.those that are responsible for this will not go free god’s willing.what did kidnap has to do with actors or entetainers?GOD saves 9ja people.ameen

  4. It is time the government should step up to this ugly trend.

    It is unfortunate that kidnapping business have come to stay in Nigeria.

    If nothing is done about it, time will come when those top high government official who refused to do something about this , will be their target. That will be my prayer and it will happen soon.

    They may thing that they have security, but when it will happened.

  5. Am so disappointed in this kind of rubbish, giant of African what is going on your country, our government what is going, how can a popular man like nkem owoh be in this is type of problem, means their no security in our country, Umaru Yar’Adua provide work for the masses this rubbish will stop, Nigeria am sorry for you, go to other African country you cannot hear this type of rubbish in their country,because of their security, what are will doing;Nkem Owoh am sorry is country that don’t have security,

  6. It is time the government should step up to this ugly trend.

    our government please wake up, kidnapps all of you will die one after the other, God will see all of you through, kidnapps rust in hell

  7. These guys should leave innocent people alone. What sort of rubbish is that in Nigeria? Today they will kidnap one innocent person and tomorrow its another. Nigerian Police should look into that matter even the useless EFCC should also go and get these hudulums and get them purnished. Its getting too much may be they will kidnap Yaradua tomorrow or Goodluck Jonathan.

  8. this is a disgrace to nigeria especialy ibo land.the niger delta kidnappers, kidnapp people that will pay good money but here the ibos are kidnapping there own people even in some cases killing them.the other day they attempted to kidnap the great igwe of onitsha but they met their waterloo.when is the government going to address this manace.even nigerians in the diaspora are scared of coming one want to die in the hands of hoodlums. something should be done NOW.



  10. i entreat osuofia to come and reside in ghana where he will have perfect peace.nigeria work on your security.

  11. I learned with profound sock about the sorrowful kidnap of my “own man” whom I prefer calling “Ukwa”.

    My greatest prayer is that the kidnappers neither harm him nor do away with his dear life. I also pray that the Nigerian Government intervenes to a meaningful extent as we look forward to seeing him act more plays in future.

  12. I think its time we educate ouselves on SLAVERY and its impact on families.In those days, we sold ourselves for money to the white man who will not ussally kill the slaves. These days slavery and assasination in disguised as kidnapping.

  13. Happy New Year!

    Has “my own man – Ukwa” been released now? Since then I haven’t got any feed back about his fate yet.

  14. I believed it is those people i mean those bad boys out there that now came about the idea of kidnapping people in order to make ends meet but one thing i know that i hold on to everyday for the thieves but a day for the owner

  15. What a disgrace and disreput life are they living in nigeria. The country that suppous to be flowing of milk and hony as been bathed with corruption and evil did. O well I don,t blam the people I blam it on them who called them-self leader,s. Nigeria leaders take diffrent step, No wonder there famos musician said they are seen “danger wahala dey” fortunatly it is through.

  16. What a disgrace and disreput life are they living in nigeria. The country that suppous to be flowing of milk and hony as been bathed with corruption and evil did. O well I don,t blam the people I blam it on them who called them-self leader’s Nigeria leaders take diffrent step, No wonder there famos musician said they are seen “danger wahala dey” fortunatly it is through.
    Imagin that aftre seventeen years of work a teacher got sacked and killed himself.That country is too flexible, then what type of leaders does the country have.O MY GOd WERE ARE YOU? IN YOUR LOVEN KINDNESS HAVE MERCY UPON YOUR CHILDREN.SAVE US LORD JESUE FROM THE DANGER OF EVIL DESIR. GIVE US SELF CONTROL, THAT WE MAY TRY HARD TO OVER-COME OUR BAD HABITS, THIS I ASK THROUGH JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD. AMEM

  17. i love this man and will like to ask what these guys thing there do to this man.we need this man and even you need him may the God guide him where ever his is AMEN

  18. if nigerian goverment can not provide job for the jobless masses then they should be paying them every month to support themselves or they should provide solution. what kind of goverment rides flashy cars throwing million of naira birthday party for their children while the masses they suppose to care for are staving and suffring this is the result. and if it continues like this, then nigeria will finally fail.

  19. this is a shame yow i can’t believe some one could do this to Nkem who makes people laugh they need to stop this stupid game and get a job earn a clean money; think about God. please in the name A llah AMEEN

  20. Oh!! I feel very sad, i do like usofia so much pls do anything Nigeria to free him from the bad people!!!! How can they did such thing????? God will punish them

  21. You mean up to now Usuofia not yet found? Its now 3 years sine from the the time he was hijacked. more to that is he still alive? What do the hijackers need with him?
    Kawira Kenya

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