question: why are there no Ibo / Igbo Muslims

I reflected during the weekend on our Muslim brothers/sisters, they had their festival(last 27th, 28th) – the remembrance of when a ram was miraculously provided for father Abraham to use in sacrifice instead of his son.

I had to greet a couple of people, neighbors, passers by around me Happy Holidays, Barka de Sala (thats the only Islamic greeting I know). And especially the Muslims, I watched as they went to pray last Friday, and I quite loved the idea that entire families trooped to the prayer ground near my house, decked in new and colorful outfits. It struck me that I didn’t find any Ibo/Igbos among those trooping to the prayer ground. I began to wonder if there are / if there aren’t any Muslims who are Ibos/Igbos, and vice-versa – or perhaps, if there are, and they are not the serious type.

I’ve done a 3–day(Friday, Saturday, Sunday) question and answer and the general conclusion is that the average Ibo/Igbo is a Christian. With the word ‘average’ quite notable, I asked Why?. “They were colonized as Christians and it has continued since then”. “Colonized as Christians” left me wondering if there has been a conscious passing of Christianity from Ibo/Igbo father to son / mother to daughter since ‘colonization’ – much like the story of the house of the Rechabites in the Bible; or perhaps the ‘average Ibo/Igbo’ is just a Christian by default – the typical /average Pastors kid, who is a Christian from the womb. Not that I doubt their(Ibo/Igbo) profession of Christian faith, I was just curious why there are no Islamics among them.

One of my respondents though gave me an answer I didn;t expect: “if you see Ibo wey say he be Muslim, the guy na guy-man, na money hin dey find. Tomorrow, you go find the guy for Church, he go tell you say he be Pastor.”

While I would take the above answer with a grain of salt, I do not suppose there hasn’t been any Ibos/Igbos who have crossed over from Christianity to Islam – just like there are a lot of Muslims who have become Christians among the Yorubas and Hausas. Perhaps there are, who are in the hiding.

Anyway, I would like to gather more information on my above observation: why are there no Ibo/Igbo Muslims?

your comments are appreciated.

19 thoughts on “question: why are there no Ibo / Igbo Muslims

  1. dat is never a new thing or a suprise,any igbo man u found in d mosque is eigther he went there for a buisness ;because dog no dey eat colanut

  2. I have been to a Yoruba town,where there are no indigene of the town who are moslems.On jumat and asalat days you will find yorubas from other towns and worshipers from the north.The reason was that the people migrated to the prersent site in 1928 because they embraced christianity and they had to leave the former town for the idol worshipers.The name of the town is ALADE -IDANRE in Ondo State,about 15 minutes drive from the state capital

  3. There are lot of igbo Muslims only that you haven’t come across them. Being a Muslim is not something funny or restricted to certain tribe.But rather the freedom to be free from dogmas that cannot even convinced a child rather than a broaden mind that reflects about every thing e.g the unity of God, the mode of worship,science,behavior,culture,civilization,etc,.Please visit to understand the polemic of Islam and Christianity to further amaze yourself as to why people are wasting their time on entertainments, without resorting knowledge that will benefit and make them free from ignorance. Please dont take example from the ignorant ones but, the sound one- the knowledge bases Muslims!

  4. This is a very nebulous question that requires empirical reasoning to answer. From time immemorial and based on my little experience as a traveller, the ibo/igbo generation has always been a christian lineage and that’s why you hadly find a mosque or muslim prayer ground in any of the ibo land except on political base. If you find an igbo man that is a muslim,its either he got convertd in the course of life transaction or percuniary motive are involved. Any muslim igboman is an error as all ibos are christians,even their language,tongue and accents does not align with islam. I rest my case.

  5. It is true that there’re Igbo Muslims, but saying “many Igbo Muslims” should be put in context. The estimate of Muslim Igbos in Nigeria is less than 0.1% of the Igbo population. Garba Oheme, from Enugu Ezike in the old Nsukka Division of northern Igboland is widely acknowledged as the first Igbo Muslim convert; Oheme was converted in 1937. The proximity of his area of origin to northern Nigeria, and Christian missionaries did not reach some of the Northern Igbo territories until the mid 1930s. Islamic missionaries have been organised in Igbo territory since the early 1960s; and while it is true that business & political gains play a role in many ‘practical’ conversions of Igbos to Muslims, this isn’t always a motive, and especially so for the early Igbo Muslims and those Igbos ‘born into’ Islam. Igbo Muslim coverts in Mbaise in Imo State after the Biafra war enjoyed educational sponsorships provided by Muslim Saudi missionaries to Muslim countries may gain, but this must be balanced with the loss and ‘persecution’ Igbo Muslim converts have to endure. Beyond these, problems exist: some Igbo Muslim converts, ‘forced’ by practical realities, have had to abandon their Igbo ethnic identities after conversion: loss of status in ‘age group’ gatherings, sometimes loss of certain rights in the communities, and the general hostility to Islam by Igbos…

  6. May be is an idot and if i used my eye and set on him/her i will kill.are u they one that is igbomosulm come near to my point i will destroy u

  7. May be dat igbo/ibo moslim person is worldbiggest fool 4ever.and my hatred religion in world is islam and their followers, and let me inform u all dat igbos is also ibos no matter frm delta,rivers.all are igbos or ndi igbo. We are brothers in blood,language.tribe.culture. So my nickname shall also be in ibo or igbo name like Gbaaragba

  8. Philip and co u pple claim to be educated but most of you are ignorant of ur worshiping i was born an igbo and and i am still an igboman for life but that is not a licence for me to follow every other ignorant igboman to hell fire i was once in love with christianity and that pushed me to do more research to streainghen my faith and that was how i discovered islam and from then i stoped calling jesus christ God becouse in the bible there no verve that jesus called himself God the bible tells us that devil tempted jesus for 40 day (mark,11:12)the same bible tells us that every man is tempted when he is drawn away of his own lust and ,enticed(james,1;14)what a contradiction from a supposed book of God.i will be willing to help you out of ignorant my number is 08035696230.

  9. There are lots of Igbo Muslims all over the world. You don’t belong to that community so you will not find them. They are plent and live like every other Igbo man. They speak and do things in the Igbo man way. You may not identify them by their look. Many of them are highly educated.
    To find out more about them visit Igbo Muslim Forum on Face Book or visit their website on or simply mail us at

  10. but rivers and delta and the rest of the south south arent part of the Igbos, we are not the same and neither is our culture. why cant some igbos be proud of their own culture and heritage

  11. Hello, sure there are handful of igbos that are muslims. They are extremely few compare with how some people do exergerate it. I have lived and viruarly travelled the whole of Northern states. In my journies, i tried to really find out atleast in the roughest estimate the population of igbo muslim, and have come to concluction that they are not even upto 2000. This may be a high figure for those who believe there are know igbo muslims but redicolous figure to those that thinks that there are huge number of them. I know that this figure is not static. High birth rate among them, illeracy and poverty which is associated with islam has become part oe this igbos. They have lost their igboness, enterprising nature and the bravity lodged in an igbo heart. Again, from my investigation, some igbo women especially from Imo statd may be hooked into marriage by some muslim men, promising them elusive freedom to their Christian religion which they will never honour. Some see islam as a pure CULT. You enter without having freedom to leave without threat to your will surprise to see how few this stranded,frustrated,blind and money conscious igbo men are in the cities of kano, kaduna,maiduguri etc. I challenge them to gather together and lets see if we can count 200 of them. Note again that 95% of their igbo wife never identify with their husband religion. I have heard several hausa men married to igbo women who has failed to associate themselves with their father islamic religion. WHAT SURPRISES ME IS THAT SOME OF THE IGBO MEN THAT ARE CONVERTED ALLWAYS DISCOURAGED THEIR CHILDREN/WIVES FROM JOINING ISLAM. I am very sure that every full true igbo blood happened by chance of life to be born by a muslim igbo parents will always try to find his way to the true religion of his folkes Christianity. HAUSA MAN DOESNT BELIEVE IN A YORUBA MUSLIM TALKLESS OF AN IGBO MUSLIM. They may attract some igbos with their wealth from saudi arabia but a true igbo man knows where he belongs.

  12. Hey, contact me if you are keen on finding an Igbo Muslim from before the Biafran Nigerian war. I have a few information to give you.I am Igbo, am Catholic but dont be amazed when I tell you I got a muslim blood and no one from my linake is from any part of the world other than Igboland.

  13. first of all, islam is a death cult, any man who is practicing islam is a lost person who has sold him/herslf to the devil, the so-called Muhammad, the gang leader who established islam, established it on the foundation of blood shed, and blood shed is an integral part of islam. in the hadith where Muhammad’s evil deeds are recorded, their so called holy prophet, contains an unimaginable grave crimes Muhammad committed against God Almighty and humanity, Muhammad married up to 13 wives, own more than 50 sex slaves, behead a lot of people that rejected islam, raped a 6 years Aisha, waged wars on innocent people, and take their women captives as sex slaves. islam is a political ideology used by Muhammad who is power drunk to rule mecca, he brainwashed many men on the theory that if they fight for Allah the moon god of Muslims,even if they get killed, they will marry 72virgins in paradise, where their penis will have eternal election, imagine a sex scandal in holy place of God. Muhammad who called himself a prophet was later poisoned to death by a Jewish women whom he killed her human. Muhammad could not save himself from the poison, he died and he is still in his grave, waiting judgement. no Muslims has freedom of reasoning, because you are a slave to Allah, and any attempt to leave islam is an apostasy, and you will be killed, Muslims are divided Into many sects and sub-sects, they are all swore enemies, and often killed one another, Sunni Muslims kills shia Muslims, shiite Muslims, etc. cos of diversities in believes and the way each and every sects practise islam. islam have more than 100 sects, habouring hatred against one another. Muhammad on his dying bed was asked if he dies where will he be, he said that he didn’t know. how can people be following this murderer blindly.

    quran is a war manual, their are many verses in quran that champions killing of innocent people that reject islam.

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