Jungle Justice: Kenyan Pastor caught fornicating with a Policemans wife

The last time I posted pictures about the “assumed zain-staff” scandal on this blog, there was a lot of finger pointing. The adulterous couple was accused, the camera man was accused, and even this blogger got many hits on her head. Click here for a review. I realized that Africans are extra religious, extra pure, and extra moral.

I got these pictures in my mailbox yesterday. The mail title was: The Naked Pastor, and the inscription on the pictures reads: kenyanlist.com.

From my mailbox:

A pastor has been found deceiving his wife with a policeman’s woman in Kenya. People of the Christian community did offer him no grace, especially because he was preaching in a crusade about adultery. They beat them both, put them naked and forced them to kiss in public…. pictures below.

If the above/below pictures are true or false, I can’t say, but definitely, those in the picture were not acting, I suppose. It seems that Africa is still in the stone-ages as far as our ‘mentality’ is concerned even in the midst of google.com. For example, heres a small preview of jungle justice across Nigeria: one and two. Even in Cameroon, thieves are shown no mercy:

We break one of their legs or any part of the body – it is well known that the police take a bribe and let suspects go. Read on: click here

Back to the fornication issue:

Do you know that Fornication is illegal in Nigeria? It is against Nigerian law to fornicate, human to human, human to beast. If these guys(below) were Nigerians, they might have recieved the punishment of their lives. Here are some over-zealous Africans assuming the role of accuser, prosecutor, judge and avenger on the man and woman who comitted fornication.

Its unfortunate, but even Jesus Himself did not throw the first stone.





143 thoughts on “Jungle Justice: Kenyan Pastor caught fornicating with a Policemans wife

  1. this is just plain disgusting!!! when will we realise that humanity is more important than morality? tufiakwa

  2. These are some of the reasons Africans are not respected in the Western Hemisphere. If your spouse cheats on you, the worst you could do is to sue for divorce. Why would anyone attack and humiliate any human being like this just because he or she cheats? The annoying thing is that most human beings will cheat on their spouses if they thought they will not be caught. The reason some people refrain from cheating is either they thought they would be caught or because the opportunity did not present itself. Most of us a hypocrites.

  3. I keep wondering what the people who are being judge, jury and executioner are doing in their personal lives that nobody knows about.

  4. its a pity these people are still living in stone age, its disgusting and portrays the animalistic nature of the blacks ( in this case the kenyans)

    This people are adults for goodness sake!!!!!!! not armed robbers like police on check point

    worst case senerio is a divoice.

  5. The babarity really got me doubting wether animals are not even better than us. Please Kenyans people do cheat and they are probably doing it right now just near you. Don’t be more backward than your forefathers. I do not think they would have meted this kind of treatment on any of theirs. Disgusting.

  6. I’m so pissed off! This is beyond disgusting. How as Africans can we demand that others respect us when not only do we debase ourselves, but also have a predictable habit of acting like wild animals.

    The fact that both parties were cheating on their significant others is not the issue at hand. Nor the hypocrisy of the pastor’s actions – telling his congregation not to fornicate with the same mouth he used to kiss another man’s wife. What these pictures tell me is that Africans of the 21st century are incapable of rational, logical thinking. The marginal thousands, who think long and hard before they act or question the reasons behind their actions, are nothing compared to the hundreds of millions who are determined make us seem like the lowest stupidest life-forms on Earth.

    How many of the men pictured above, beating the crap out these two, have been faithful? Who decided the power of judgement was bestowed on them? Who decided that THIS was a fair punishment? I don’t need to be psychic to know that ever single individual present during this barbaric act was and still is a hypocrite!!!

  7. History repeats itself. I once saw in a museum a picture of a man’s skin. This was mob justice metted in Europe some decades ago on a man caught practicing witchcraft. He was skinned alive by europeans to remove witchcrafcy. Africa is going thru similar period. When distribution of civilisation and wealth through the ages reaches the deprived and the exploited, these things will stop as they stopped in Europe. The learning curve follows similar patern.
    Otherwise without God in the formula, animalism controls human mind. If its not the barbaric act, its the gun, porno, bestial and lewd acts and etc. We ALL need Jesus.

  8. This is very disappointing. If you say that he should practice what he preaches how many times do YOU actually practice what you preach? Who made you judge? are u any purer?? so pissed..really

  9. Je suis contre ce genre de pratique barbare, s’il ya fornication au adultère, il y a la justice; pourquoi les blancs ne vous traiteraient donc pas de singe si c’est de cette manière que vous résolvez les problèmes, arrêtez- Dieu notre créateur vous interdit de nous faire justice, il est seul à punir l’homme pour il est le créateur. Arrêtez ! arrêter ! c’est horrible, africains avancez sortez de la barbarie

  10. Judge not to avoid being judged! the pastor and police wife, to me have come into agreement to do it which under d law is normal, why then d punishment where there is a law court 4 divorce.

  11. This article is disgusting how can a pastor do such a thing this is horrible , but i think instant justice was done next time all KENYAN WOMEN should know .

    One thing this reminds me of Shiela on BBA5 the other day she was lesibianing Merll from NAMIBIA this is horrible if Shiela comes back home i think the KENYAN people should make justice by not even waiting for her at the Airport , the act was horrible and i say to KENYAN women please preserve your woman wood don’t let people like Shiela embarass you.

  12. in fact this is a complete disgrace to the entire Africans, how can somebody be caught fornicating and be paraded on the street naked? what are the functions of court of laws, who among those that paraded this is pure, every body sin that is why their is confession. infact kenyans has disgrace the blacks image. any way i do not blame them because up til date they are not civilized. assuming this thing hapen in Nigeria the man will just go to court and ask for divorce application and that is all, but looking at the kenyans nature and behavior the are just like wild animals because their is no civilization, do you think this thing will happen in matured African country apart from kenya. Kenya people you are a disgrace have a rethink of you ungodly act.

  13. in fact this is a complete disgrace to the entire Africans, how can somebody be caught fornicating and be paraded on the street naked? what are the functions of court of laws, who among those that paraded this people is pure, every body sin that is why their is confession. infact kenyans has disgrace the blacks image. any way i do not blame them because up til date they are not civilized. assuming this thing hapen in Nigeria the man will just go to court and ask for divorce application and that is all, but looking at the kenyans nature and behavior the are just like wild animals because their is no civilization, do you think this thing will happen in matured African country apart from kenya. Kenya people you are a disgrace have a rethink of you ungodly act.

  14. this makes no sense, even animals do have mercy upon themselves, i dont subscribe to what the pastor and the woman have done, but there is a better way to administer justice than to exhibit this high form of inhuman treatment, don’t be surprise that some of the people partaking in condemning this people also go about sleeping around too, FOR CHRIST SAKE WERE IS THE JUSTICE IN THESE, IS THERE NO LAW COURTS IN THAT COUNTRY, THIS IS NOT THE AGE FOR THIS KIND OF TREATMENT, THAT ERA HAS LONG GONE, I THINK THE WORLD HUMAN RIGHT COMMISSION SHOULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS, THIS IS A BIG DEMONSTRATION OF THE REAL ANIMAL NATURE IN A MAN………………………IS NOT FAIR AT ALL

  15. this is more than disgusting i hope those who did that were dealt with seriously cos this is too much a punishment for fornication. allowing them go naked i think is enough if they have to go that far but brutalizing the victims is totally out of the picture. i don’t get it, is it that they did this because he is a pastor or because the woman is a policeman’s wife?

  16. What a shame this is to the Kenya People and government. If the Biblical David-Saul lessons is anything to go by, then touch not God’s anoited and do His prophets no harm.

    David made us understand that only God has the right to punish and remove His prophets.

    Even more Barbaric is the lack of respect the Kenyan people have shown by this action on the rights of women. For God’s sake: why should a woman, as fragile as their nature be subjected to such turture. Why should a woman be so turtured to the point of bleeding.

    Just for your information, I am born again and I believ in God so strongly. If a pastor has sinned, let it be to God who metes out the punishment, not man. Besides, when a woman faulters, there are more peaceful ways of seriousely punishing her, not by turture.

    Thank you!

  17. These people must be for the STONE AGE, they are worst than the pastor and the lady. Like JESUS said like someone cast the first stone…………!

  18. Arent monkeys that racists calls us better than these mentally deranged set of people? What did you do to your corrupt officers who has been the reason for your economic and mental depression. Whats the issue with adultery? If the husband cant take it, He should probably divorce her and find another woman. It shows the level of practical madness and backwardness of Kenyans. How I wish m not a black man. Rubbish

  19. what those pipo did was un acceptable.yes they did wrong act but remember that we are all sinners.god exposed that pastor”s sinns and tomorow its u to be dealt with.u dont over react like that.god did not punished those who betroyed him,he just said they dont know wat they are doing.but u comon pipo doing that unhuman act.kenyan govrnment shoud arrest those pipo.they over punish those pipo.

  20. A big slap and double shame to christians for what has happened by the so called pastor. I am sure he was not actually called by God for the services he was rendering to people in the church. Not withstanding however, we jointly pray for him. We should also pray for his long life so that he remember what he has done. Even if he was actually, originally called by God, his faith is not strong enough hence he was overtaken by satanic power to do such a blunder. God forgive him and also forgive us too, especially some other sins committed by other christians yet uncovered.

    May almighty God help us and once again forgive the pastor. May the good people of Kenya kindly accept my sympathy on this ill-health and shame exhibited by the so call pastor. My sympathy also goes to the entire family members of the pastors.

    The police officer to please take heart and pardon the woman for the sake of your children so that your children may not feel bad on you for the sake of their mother.

    Thank you.

    tikon yukuben jacob
    nigeria citizen

  21. judgement is for God only. after all they are human beings remember David when he committed adultery with Uria’s wife . He was a leader but he sinned against God. People must give each other chances to repent rather than punishing others for there sins as if they are clean. No one is perfect that’s why Jesus died for us, we are weak and we need a lot of patience from Him

  22. Plse African people particularly Kenyans show civilization to the world. Civilization started in Africa–Egypt. Why not prove that to the western world? Those who did this to the pastor, are you sure of your DNA? If you are a true believer, do not judge these people leave them in the hands of GOD!!!Plse mob get a life and find something better to do. You disgraced yourselves, us- Africans as a whole to the western wolrd. I do not condole the pastor’s act but this is not the right pay-back to them.
    I am——– ,angry concern African.

  23. men .if it is true;ti was very unchristian to have naked them be4 the public.lets lived vengeance to jesus.may father forgive us all.

  24. This is so barbaric that the people of kenya’s are so behaving in this 21st century, that God should deliver those had beaten thoes couples like an animal. This is too… babaric.

  25. This is very disturbing..sigh….They have already been battered and bruised,so wots left for the law to do…batter them again?.Africans please…..ths aint no way to deal with such situation.We have to pray for these pastors,they get tempted on a daily basis..

  26. Je suis déçu du comportement affiché par les croyants de cette communauté chrétienne de Kenya.

    L’acte posé par ce pasteur avec la croyante (femme du policier) est condamnable, mais il revient à se poser quelques questions:
    * Sommes-nous en face des chrétiens réellement convertis ?
    * Un enfant peut-il conspuer, ridiculiser, malmener son père quand bien même ce dernier serait fautif ?
    * Est-il logique que les membres d’une communauté chrétienne humilient, devant les paiens leur père (encadreur) spirituel ?

    Il ya une remise en question de la foi des ces fidèles.
    Le pasteur en question, est-il conscient de ce qu’il est entrain de faire? Comprend-il ce que signifie pasteur ? Travaille-t-il seul ? Quelle est la réaction des anciens dans cette église locale ?

    Les problèmes de l’église se règlent parmi les frères, car il existe un modèle dans la bible (Mathieu 18).

    Tous les paiens qui nous observent ont certainement tiré des leçons sur notre comportement, dans l’église du Christ. Ne sommes-nous pas un frein ou une barrière pour l’entrée des paiens dans le corps du Christ ?

    Nous nous demandons s’il ne s’agit pas d’un enseignement que Dieu voudrait donner à ses serviteurs, en mettant à découvert tout mal commis en secret…!
    Serait-ce une tentation forte à laquelle cette femme ainsi que le pasteur ont cédé ?

    Que ce pasteur soit suspendu par sa hiérarchie jusqu’au jour où l’Eternel voudra le réhabiliter.
    Que les autres communautés chrétiennes prient pour ces retrogrades, car Jésus est venu pour sauver les pécheurs que nous sommes.


  27. I must say that the Kenyan people who did this humiliating act to these two individuals (pastor and policeman’s wife) are mentally broken down. They are no humans but mere barbarians. How can you subject two human beings to this kind of judgement. Are they the pastor’s wife or the policeman. Worst still, why should they (crazy Kenyans) even beat them up? Can any of them prove 100% fidelity? The perpetrators of this heinous crime should be brought to book.

  28. In this day and age ,who in his right sense would be as callous,barbaric ,senseless ungodly,insane,ridiculous and stupid as to met such an inhumane act to his fellow man for the simple reason,that another person has slept with another persons wife. What in the hell is this world coming to.This is the most outrageous and disheartening picture i have seen in a very long time.
    Oh mother Africa,why are your children so left behind in every aspect that deals with quality of life.Why is the black man, the one who still takes pride in things of this nature.To the people of this region,if the monkeys could talk, they would have taught you people, a lesson in human dignity
    or maybe animal dignity.SHAME ON THE ENTIRE REGION.

  29. I hope , that the Kenyan government will take note of this picture and bring to justice every individual who had a hand in this hideous act which to me and hopefully many people,has definitely tarnished the image of the Kenyan people in particular and the African population in general. Hopefully, the world is waiting to see the response.Having never been to Kenya, i hope this is the act of a few uneducated individuals,and not an appetite that the Kenyan people feast on.

  30. We are really moving fast to the end of the world. We like it on not the word of God most Surely come to pass. What a man of God they say he is. This the one of the signs of end time.

    However, this is just the once we witness, what of the once that didn’t come to the notice of the public? Please, we are all guilty as charged.

    Furthermore, i pray that God help us all to over come this types of test.

    GOD BLESS US ALL……………..

  31. Sheer malice. I saw this story before and it narrated how a father-in-law caught in the act with his son’s wife, by boda-boda guys who thought it odd for the car they were in (culprits) to have been packed where it was. They knew the family and so approached the vehicle fearing that the man could have been in trouble. The rest is said history. They were assaulted viciously and made to do all sorts of nasty things by the would have been good samaritans. Please get your facts right ok?

  32. this is insane,its so barbaric!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so disgusting,its unbelievable that this can happen in d 21st century,im ashamed to be called an african,its so embarassing

  33. This is why God will never answer the prayers of Africans… we are back ward in our thinking. That is why our greedy leaders take advantage of our ignorance and do what they like. Am not sure any educated and responsible man would partake in such act. In Africa education is zero and poverty is 100%. I hate the sound of the word Africa, just wishing i had a second choice…. RUBBISH

  34. WHAT ?? !!!!
    Each and every one of you who had partook or support in these HEINOUS and PUDDEN-HEAD crime, in carrying out jungle justice against these two consented adult; I wonder what is BEHIND the Vail of your own SECRET LIFE
    (OR is your life so spotless without any SIN..???????) rember: what you sow is what you reap may GOD have mercy on you all

  35. if we continue doing our things like this in Africa we shall never develop, or seen to have develop past the ancient times, imagine such punishment that is a moral decadents in all its negative terms! its like we are 100 years back ward
    there are alot ways to punish some one than this barbaric way and yet the government may not be saying any thing as if they don`t exist

  36. Wao! What would be going on in the head of these new couple. Well, they may not have a good idea. Let them confess their sins and get away from Kenya, get married to each other and move on with life. After all David (man after the heart of God) did same thing and later married the woman. The baby that comes from this union would become the president of Kenya one day and bring the generation of these hoodlum into justice. This is unacceptable.

  37. Totally unnecessary, Yea that is without Sin cast the first stone. People should learn to mind their business. Salvation is a personal thing. The Kenyan Govt must step up and punish all those responsible for this. they are citizens of the country and have their rights which must not be violated, if fornication/adultery is against the law. they should be tried in court and punished accordingly.
    Right now am very ashamed to be called an african. How can we be dis BACKWARD?

  38. It is a pity that Africans hates themselves so much. The actions in the photos are totally indefensible and evil but making all Africans pay for it is an infinitely much greater evil. My friends younger, an African, in 1996 was taken to a park in east London, paraffin poured on his pubic region and set ablaze by two white men because he was befriending their sister. Only News of the World carried the story and no body said that it was a disgrace to all Europeans or white people. Serial killing, incest, sex abuse, long-term kidnapping of one’s own children, cannibalism happen in advanced countries carried out by indigenous citizens but it is always treated as “one sick individual” and not a reflection of the whole society. However, if anything of shame happens to a black person, all Africans whether at home or in diaspora, male or female, young or old, good or bad, all have to answer for it with their conscience, dignity, identity, livelihood and even their soul. Civilisation is about empowering the individual with freedoms and capabilities not constricting a people into a singular body of stigma and condemnation regardless of their disconnection or innocence to a given event. Yet some Africans on here have the temerity to talk of civilisation as if the are better than the people in the photos. I maintain that they are worse.

    These self-hating Africans are a harrowing disgrace to their roots and themselves.

  39. sometimes u just don’t know what to argue for, because the policeman cld have had doubts for months and months about their consistent “prayer sessions,” & also the husband policeman could hv been the one walking on the streets crazy because of a broken heart! If the police officer had such tendencies, I wld rather prefer these two on the streets than the husband clinically crazy leaving 3 children fatherless. Powerful lesson – Promiscuity can have very very very fatal implications! rude awakening!

  40. Dis is so wickd n unfair,forget d fact dat d man is pastor;we r nt supose to judge dem;we r all humans
    We blacks we neva grow.

  41. *l’acte posé par le soit disant pasteur n’est pas bon puisque nous sommes sans ignorer que aimer la femme du prochai c’est vraiment prohuber dans la bible ,là on laisse DIEU faire sa part
    aulieu de laisser les hommes se faire la part de DIEU.
    *mais c’est plutot mechant et ridicule de trouver un homme de DIEU en flangrant délit d’ adultère bien qu’honteux ,laissons à DIEU sa part.

  42. I find it unthinkable to believe that inspite of the accelerating speed at which civilization catches on like a wrathful inferno, some African regions still build & maintain around themselves an impregnable fortress of barbarity. This is very appalling & also awfully disheartening. I’m pretty sure the extremity of this violent savagery infuriates & leaves GOD crestfallen seeing those creation blunder of his subject their fellow humans to such an outrageous ignominy. Although i frown at the victims especially the pastor but that doesn’t mean they deserve such cruel treatment. I even question the Kenyan government for having allowed such for this shows that the citizens pay no regard to them. I also condemn the hypocritical mob for casting stones knowing fully well that they are all guilty as charged & as the saying goes in my country “we all are petty thieves, only the ones caught are regarded as armed robbers” I’m highly embittered.

  43. the truth about Africa is that we hide a lot behind falsehood we try to be holier than God . who among those judging is not guilty of the same it a shame on them all

  44. Showing the pastor and the mistress picture is not good, they are to be purnished for what they did but not thie way. The aim is on the pastor who preaches not to fornicate and states the penalty on each sin, why he not be purnished bcos he knows the penalty. The should be given severe purnishment but not naked, why because now their lives has been spoiled, they can not interact with others.

  45. Vengeance is God’s. Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord.Rom 12:19

  46. its unfortunate they were beaten.the humiliation i think they deserve it.as for primitivity in the form of body exposure, what about the beaches in the so called “developed” world?

  47. i think this is really wrong…just because the pastor is a public figure, that’s why the pictures are up here..how many people in that crowd haven’t sinned…probably killed someone or raped their daughter or is worshiping something other than what is right…why don’t we all flog each other and walk naked on the road expressing all the sins we have committed behind closed doors…

    Who made anyone God to judge any other person??? bloody hypocrites!!!

  48. I am not going to comment on the story. Everyone know adultery is wrong. Adultery is wrong and must be condemned by all. However, this method of jungle justice is alien to the new testament and to the modern world.

    Please, all Africans should join with one voice to ask that these pictures be removed…… else, we should not that anyone respects us.

    Please, remove these pictures.

    God bless you.

  49. Dear blogger, please observe what you-tube has done to the video you sighted— “For example, here’s a small preview of jungle justice across Nigeria: one” Tryt and click on “one ” on the quoted link above to see what I mean.
    Please blogger, follow that example.

  50. Please avoid such acts of brutalism, it goes to tarnish the image of Africa. Let God deal with Pastor. In any case, have you accusers not committed more serious sins than this. When king David repented God forgave him. He was not paraded in the streets of Jerusalem. Give us a break

  51. A Dieu la vengeance et la retribution. Au que sont-ils devenus? Can we get in touch with them, ifthat is possible?

  52. Hypoctites. This is no more shameful that what we see being legally practiced in the west.
    Gay parades, spring break orgies etc etc. Hypocrites!

  53. You can legally produce, sell and buy movies about this kind of thing in the usa and europe……look up disgraced women, hogtied, public humiliation etc etc….hypoctites!

  54. I really dont know why humans forget easily that theres no SIN greater than the other, some of those throwing stones and hitting the calprits could be thieves or even sacrificers of children meaning they do commit SINS themselves, I think people should learn to use the law and give people a chance to reform. If I was humiliated like that sincerely I would find it so hard to forgive.
    AS IF THEY ARE PURE THEMSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. you just do not take law into your hands…this is plain jungle justice..let God deal with the man the way He deems fit..and let every other person sit back and watch God’s wrath (His wrath is far more grievous)…there is always a better way to go about things like these…God have mercy!!!

  56. This is a complete wickedness and don’t be surprise the might be people even amongst those that did this act that are presently involve in stuff that are far more wicked than this; there are no doubt we human are considered animals maybe especially we Africans…

  57. This is unfair, this is pure hatered, in this age that we are in. The policeman should ask for divorce and go get another woman who would’nt cheat on him.

  58. Proverbs 632-34, (NLT) States that the Man that com mitts Adultery is an Utter fool, his shame or disgrace will never be erased. The woman’s husband will not rest until he extracts the ultimate revenge.
    Thatbis exactly what happened to the Pastor and the Lady. They ended up with World wide disgrace! Their beatings is nothing compared to the permanence of their pictures all over the Internet!!
    All you ‘Modern’ commentators must learn from the princles of life that will never CHANGE!

  59. am so suprise at kaya people .this is very unfair .we r all sinners .no one is pure .i pray god 4give those people that did this to the woman and the man.but let me ask .when all this was happening where was the policemen.kayas r very stupid people for this act.

  60. Looking at these pictures, I am very ashamed to be an African. What is wrong with two adults having sex? Though caught in the very ACT, let them go!

  61. Men, I really dont know why we africans are practising democracy, we are arlready crazy, and now we are practicing it….. anybody involved in this babaric act shall surely suffer the same and more, cause nobody has the right to judge. may God forgive us.

  62. Even the bible states that in the event of adultery, people can divorce. There is no need for such inhuman and degrading treatment. No wonder africans get no respect from the white community, we dont respect ourselves. I bet the ones who came up with that form of punishment have engaged in some adulterous affairs themselves. God is the only one with authority to revenge and punish accordingly, not human beings. I find this very sad. May the Lord have mercy on all who find this amusing and those who took part in this barbaric act, God knows they need it.

  63. These Kenyans are disgracing the African continent. They seemed to be primitive, barbaric, archaic and inhuman. For goodness sake, one does not applaud the Pastor and the police wife for their ungodly act, but I think the police officer himself only proved to the world how foolish and idiotic he was by throwing his wife to the public. It’s a shame!

  64. This is Totally disgusting – Barbarique, Sauvage, Civilsation Limitee. Cela met la honte a tous les Africains. These Pictures should be removed ! ! !

  65. We are not in position to judge anyone,afterall it is not RAPE that we are talking about.This is uncall for,absolutely rubbish.Pastor are just individual like everyone else,they do have blood that flow from their vein;they are not superman or extra-ordinary being.

  66. Black color is always associated with bad things, stupid, lazy, dirty and so on, after i went through all the comments, i realised they are not about what happened but potrays hate on the African community by so called western world. Before u worry abt what’s happening overseas why don’t you guys address the problem of racism that’s at your door step. I think it all started with your ancestors but u carry it all over as if it’s part of your DNA, n you are civilized, SHAME ON YOU!!!! An eye for an eye, the same Kenya u guys seeing here we have a white boy who is killing kenyans like animals, torturing them, raping young boys and drownig them in a drum full of water. Is that what you guys consider to be westernized and civilized? i don’t think so, atleast we had only pic taken from here, if it was in the western world u could have videos taken and have them replayed on CNN every hour, these not gimmick because we are watching Cheaters both on TV’s and online, i wonder if all those involved are “family members and divorce court” Whatever happened was an agreement between two adult and nobody was supposed to intefere with them none other than a spouse, a close family member or a close friend. So all u westernized fellows before u point at me consider the three fingers pointing back at you, and before u see that little twig in my eye consider the log that’s in yours.

  67. Imagine the policeman’s wife did not use protection and was HIV positive. Then the “good” husband and pastor goes home to his devoted and loyal wife and infecting her with the virus. That’s how my mother dead. This community probably saved the life of a mother! This is about life or death! IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT FUCK OFF.

  68. As a man in my mid 40’s, I have seen the 7th Commandment take a beating in almost all of the workplaces I have been in. At the end of the day, I guess all I can really say for certain is that there isn’t one of us who doesn’t need a little compassion, forgiveness and understanding at some point in our lives.

    Likewise, as a Canadian, I am not going to pretend to know, understand or otherwise fathom the African mindset generally or the Kenyan perspective in particular, but what I WILL speak to is the response of the Son of Man to the religious leaders (some of whom were steeped in hypocrisy) when they brought a woman to Him who was caught in the very act of adultery and reminded Him that the Law of Moses demanded death by stoning…His sage and august response indicated that “…he who is without sin, cast the first stone.” The arrival of Christ ushered in the new era; the Law of Love which was meant to replace the Law of Moses…

    This is the Man that Christians the world over-Kenyan Christians included-look to for wisdom, guidance, forgiveness and love…are we any less obligated to try and extend the same to our brethren who fail to live up to the example of Christ in so many different ways? My heart goes out to the spouses of those who engaged in the affair; it also goes out to the pair as they were humiliated and judged by those who arrogated to themselves the purview of God Himself. At the end of the day, it has nothing to do with race, ethnicity or the colour of one’s skin; people the world over err all the time, we, all of us require higher degrees of compassion, forgiveness and love for those about us.

  69. Africans have there own ways of dealing with their situations, why should we feel it is only the western courts of law or legal system that is right or correct. While in Rome act like Romans and respect them. Like is Africa we feel it’s not normal at least the view I personally hold for a man to fuck another mans ass, which was designed to let out faeces is wrong and leave a woman’s virginal canal designed for reproduction, similarly sexual enjoyment per see is senseless. What is the hullabaloo about, this pastor, preaches against adultery and even says what is condemned here is also condemned in heaven as a Christian its ok we condemn what he did, I don’t think its right for us to see this and stand up to say every one of us is weak and can be tempted. While in the west, use your courts for divorce, we will discipline our people to leave the way we feel is right, if these two do this fucking around, of course you don’t expect the sexual web to remain within the pastor, his wife and the policeman’s wife and the policeman, but extends as the bishop must be sleeping with many “policemen wives” and the police mans wife is also sleeping with many “bishops” yet we all know aids is around and for us in Africa, it kills not like for you in the western world where it does not kill. So who is wrong here, those trying to stem out the vice or you who are preaching for infidelity protected by western court system and yet people end up killing their spouses or those who want to save the victims of this vice by deterring others from doing the same. However every one of us is right to hold their view.

  70. yea this is a bitch mess nd highly disappointed!how can do a pastor?plz ppl of kenya take heart expecialy obama nd that inteligent officer:pls i beg of u do shall not jodge by man for God knws what to do.

  71. The word of God is perfect. This shows that the judgement of God is starting from the house of God. Brethren, let us fear God that will caution our actions from doing bad things. Truly speaking, I’m short of word because it is a shameful things to be seen in the house of God. We cannot reverse the action that the masses have taken against the pastor and the wife of the policeman but we can prevent the future occurrence by preach it to the believers. (Doyin in Gambia)

  72. This is just showing us that time is running so fast. “The devil is at rage trying to take all if possible, even the very elect”. These are the words of Jesus showing us that anything is possible. Pastors or the clergy are also human, but as Christs’ followers, that is the least thing we expect from a “man of God”. Pray for them.

  73. What does the law in Kenya say about such issues? Let the law deal with the pastor, the police’s wife and those who maltreated them as well. In fact those men who maltreated the man and the woman should be purnished more.


  75. No matter from which part u look at it, Its a shock. But, Striping them naked, to walk around, to me does not make any sense because d deed has already been done. D people involved should put their worries behind and reason amicably together, maybe part ways rather than d other way round.

  76. it is true that this is very barbaric, he should have known that deceiving people of this kind of mentality will surely get him to this open shame……do not just look at it from just your own point of view…..Most Africans have lost their self esteem…..they have lost their rights as humans by a lot of negative emotions developed from ages…so such is the result of bottled up aggression……so no more for the bottle than for it to burst

  77. this is stupid, are those men beating them innocent enough? its only in Africa one can see such stupidity. He who is of no sin let him cast the first stone.

  78. Are Kenyan political elite not aware of this, does the country has no law that people do what they like? All these unrighteous people passing animalistic judgment to their shame. I pray the light of God shine on them.

  79. Jungle Justice was meant for pre Stone Age, latest for 19th Century backwards. We r a sovereign state with a judicial system n capable of handling marital disputes. The act they were caught doing is very legal. That is: no one has the right to take law at their hands and punish others (judicially or otherwise) as it’s illegal within our constitution n legal framework. I hope we Kenyans do grow up soon.

  80. who made these people judge over this man of God, if he sins, the blood of christ cleanses him from all unrighteousness when he ask for forgiveness. those who beat him and this lady up and naked a men of God, may judgement be upon them, as though they dont fornicate….. may judgement be upon u all, and u who put this on the internet may God judge u.

  81. It is sad to witness this. I am not judgemental in all levels, but Jesus said let him without sin, be the first to throw a stone and one by one they left, because all were convicted of their sin in their life.
    God is the judge and not us.

  82. i mean, if u catch ur wife/husband cheating on u u have the option to forgive, move on and file for divorce or forgive and reconcile, putting them through this kind of embarassment is a sign of cowardice

  83. Remember you will be judged by the same measure you mete out to others! JESUS HIMSELF SAVED THE ADULTRESS FROM BEING STONED! GOD HAVE MERCY on the blood thirsty human beings that did this! we have no right to judge! we all have a brother a sister a mother a father relatives who could do the same thing is that what you would like to see done to them. WOW!

  84. what is the response of the international community who claims that they are human right protector. pls dont see my comment as been digressing, but pls can any one imaging it if the action were carried out by any muslim community in the world , the international community wound even wants to move motion for sanction of the community. pls see the shariah of islam on this barbaric matter you will find out that the stoning option is only a recommendation for those that purblicly carried out this kiond of shameful acts. but the real judgment is with Allah. and thisis to protect other from indulging in such act. pls read the laws of Allah in the Quran is the only solution to the wold problem. this is not man made injustice law, is God’s instructions. no remmedy.the problem with the paastor which can happens to anyone who denies Allah instruction.the pastor might be realy in need of another wife sincerely but because they have self imposed law of only one wife he chose the worst alternative. God forgive us all.

  85. what is the response of the international community who claims that they are human right protector. pls dont see my comment as been digressing, but pls can any one imaging it if the action were carried out by any muslim community in the world , the international community wound even wants to move motion for sanction of the community. pls see the shariah of Islam on this barbaric matter you will find out that the stoning option is only a recommendation for those that publicly carried out this kind of shameful acts. but the real judgment is with Allah. and this is to protect other from indulging in such act. pls read the laws of Allah in the Quran is the only solution to the wold problem. this is not man made injustice law, is God’s instructions. no remedy.the problem with the pastor which can happens to anyone who denies Allah instruction.the pastor might be really in need of another wife sincerely but because they have self imposed law of only one wife he chose the worst alternative. God forgive us all.

  86. Most of u guys ar just hatin africa cos ur knowledge of her is so low. If such tins should happen in saudi or afghan, d man penis ll cut off nd mayb d woman’s breast 2. Wat de did was totally evil nd i believ de deserve d shame de got just 2 set example 4 others 2 emulate.

  87. We re in end time now,nd women re de targets in all dis signs nd wonders. De woman may be sicking a kind of protection fm de pastor.nd see where everythin land them. May God help us especially we women

  88. God! wot ? We re in end time now,nd women re de targets in all dis signs nd wonders. De woman may be sicking a kind of protection fm de pastor.nd see where everythin land them. May God help us especially we women

  89. Kenyas treated the man that way because he is not a wealthy new generation pastor.The pastor is a regular visitor to the woman and the husband is aware of that,but may be the pastor cannot support the family as expected by the husband. If Kenya has a government,the people involved will face the law,but if not, i decree that any man or woman that supported the beating of the pastor and the lady should die on top of another woman or man that is not married to him if ever he try what this pastor and the woman did from that day. Any man that lay hand on the pastor should not kiss or sex any woman or girl that is not his wife or he will die on top of the woman or girl henceforth,amen,amen and amen.

  90. Fornication is not a crime in most part of Nigeria. As of fact, the whole of the South has no Law punishing fornication or Adultery. If Fornication and adultery is made a crime today in Nigeria, many of us will appreciate it.

  91. Sadly, the Pastor who is supposed to be an epitome of good moral has fallen to the temptation.Even then, this kind of action against both is barbaric and retrogressive, inhuman and animalistic in nature.It is written,”For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God” Man therefore aught to work out his own salvation with fear and trembling. And not standing as perfect judges to condemn others.There are a lot of beams in the eyes of many people that need to be removed first before you can see clearly those of others.Only God is righteous JUDGE.”It is not of him that willeth, neither of him that runneth, but of God that showeth mercy” May God have mercy.

  92. When has human bieng become judge over one another? What ths young two needs s repentance and not disgrace…if i may ask does that put them naked,who s pure among u? Non of u…i pray 4 God to forgive all of you 4 that mistirouse punishment and art don 2 does people…

  93. I happened to know this pastor( actually a bishop) very well, and this was a very true story. I also know the lady’s husband, though not much.

  94. kenyans are total fools is this the way to bring justice foolsh people who are only nkow in the world by drunkenes

  95. Its abnormal pictures,God does not permit barbaric judgements like this,look at the look on the okada riders faces,they will do worse if left in a room with the woman,shame on pretenders!

  96. Wow how beautiful Kenyan women! She is very beautiful! I know it’s hard to resist, but if you decide to make adultery is also the risk of taking a few blows!

  97. If truly the Holy Spirit is resting upon the so-called “christian community”, they wouldn’t have take justice into their hands. The word of the Lord says we should not judge so that we will not judged, and also we are told that the devil is the accuser who constantly plead vengeance of iniquity in the life of the saints of the Lord and our bible also tells us that the Lord is merciful to forgive every sins. So the issue of jungle justice should not e=be heard among christians. We are not called to to punish anyone, though there is a verse that says we should not be pertakers in indulgence in sins yet we should judge anyone for we are all “BAD” but for God’s grace.

  98. Ugh…this is holy sheet! man! each dog with its day.Sure this is undeserving for holy chaplains.Well– this an act of love, whats the beef and how else can you explain it.
    Those guys on mopedes are behaving like they are running the popes core affairs.
    If being caught butt naked will solve little johnny from getting exited, man, am afraid, that’s just the way G created man.
    Sorry buddy, plus your lady, their day is coming too.
    Its damns humiliating this chaplain to the T with the forced bloody smoonch, oh! eh! what an anointing, just pitty this buddy

  99. What the paster did and the young lady was totally wrong but the general public can not take there law in their hands this is not right, they should have taken them to the police station and not beating them in public.We african we still think like stone aged people . Its time we put an end this madness.

  100. may God have mercy on us 4 we are short of the glory of God. what will pastor tell his church? I know God will 4give him Psalm 119 vs 76

  101. In a world ripe with STD that kill yes its a fare beating, the minister was pushing his luck preaching against adultery while doing it, they are not dead just shamed beaten, what do you think god would have done? he sent Christ let him die, not a wimp act but cold and hard truth to save us, adultery is a sin it kills the family, so they got what they wanted to cheat lie and murder(a marriage) but they got caught and humiliated they showed no mercy to the people they hurt so none was shown to them.

  102. Shame. Sex is a decision of two people. No spouses involved. Monogamy is a lie anyway and people cheat all the time. It’s just that getting caught has a price otherwise everybody would cheat.

  103. judge not so that you will not be judged,if you took part in this molestation,make sure you never cheat because your own punishment may be more than this

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