Grace for Change by TD Jakes – words for the wise

I’ve finished listening to my recently purchased TD Jakes DVD titled Grace for Change, but containing excerpts from messages such as The Masters Mysterious Plan, This is not that, etc.

Here are some notes from my jotter:


1) The Bible says all things work together for good to them that love the lord. Even Jesus had a Judas in His life whose betrayal, God used for man’s good.

2) The death angel did not pass over the house as a result of Gods mercy. The death angel did not pass over the house because the people in the house were forgiven. The death angel saw the blood, and the blood was a sign that death had already been to that house. What the death angel did not know is that it wasnt an individual that died in the house, it was the Lamb of God that died for the house so that the people in the house might be able to live. The death angel did not know that the blood on the doorpost was not the blood of someone in the house, it was the blood of the lamb, and so it passed over.

3) God had a plan for the world. The pharisees and saducees had a plot against Jesus. God knew of their plot but they didn’t know His plan. So God used their plot to fulfil his plan – making it all to work out for good for mankind. Had they known exactly who Jesus was, they won’t have crucified the Lord.

4) If the passover is the seed, pentecost is the harvest. 50 days after the passover, Pentecost happens. It is possible to have passover without pentecost but it is impossible to have pentecost without passover. It is possible to experience the cross and not pentecost but it is impossible to experience pentecost if you have not been to the cross. Pentecost only happens 50days after the passover. If you dont kill the lamb there will be no pentecost. If you slay the lamb, you Pentecost in motion. When they crucified Jesus, they set some things in motion that was unstoppable. Pentecost was going to happen and they couldnt stop it. They crucified Jesus to stop Him but when they crucified Him, greater works began to break out from among His people, because instead of Him working through one man, He now worked through many men.

5) It is difficult to break the bondages of the past even when you hated it. You can ruin the new thing you have by using the same methodology.

6) It is so important to thank God for small progresses. I may not be well, but I’m better. I’m not there yet, I’m dancing coz I’m better.

7) Something that God uses to bring you out of your past may not be what He will use to take you into the future. You have to know when to hold it, you have to know when to fold it.

8) People break down in process and give up on the Promise because the work is in the process to get to the promise, and some people give up on the promise because they are weary from the process.

9) When you’ve got experience, youve got opportunities, but when experience becomes tradition, it becomes dangerous.

10) When people are under pressure, the begin to behave like where they came from, and so they curse where they are with where they’ve been.

11) Some people spend their entire lives waiting on God, and yet its God who has been waiting for them all along.

12) You cannot make a great decision guided by your emotions. Most people are guided by their emotions. If you are guided by your feelings, your life is going to be up and down and up and down. Frustration will ruin your life. You’ve gotta be asking yourself, not what you feel but what you believe, coz what you believe is always in contrary to what you feel. You’ve got to stand where you believe and bring your feelings to conform with what you believe.

13) Most people don’t make it past the criticisms of their peers. If you don’t let go of the past, you ill give up on the future, so that you can have the camaraderie of your constituents in the past.

14) It is lunacy to think that you can continue to do the same thing and get different reactions. Experience can be a good thermometer for what to expect in the future. Experience can help you get a job, experience can help you win a fight. those are the assets of experience. Experience does have its liabilities. Experience can put you in a box where you would assume that you can win this fight before you the same way you won the fight behind you. When experience becomes tradition it becomes dangerous.

15) When you lock God up in a box and you say “ÿou must always work this way”, you loose the liquidity of thought and the nimbleness of mind to be able to progress into new idioms of deliverance that God has for you You’ve gotta stop worshipping how he did it, and start recognizing that He is the God that did it.

16) Stand there in your marriage and stay until your love comes back. If you marry someone who lacks the character to be stable in an unstable world, they will leave not because of the lack of affection or affinity for you, they will leave because they lack the inner strength to go that long without reward.

17) Allow whatever you are going through to make you strong, and not to make you sinical, desperate and danggerous.

18) Trying to cover for God is camoflaging and hiding your dissapointment. Abraham tried to help God, he assumed the servants born in his house were his children. Sarah tried to help God, she gave her maid to her husband.

19) I may not be what I want to be, but I am not what I used to be. Progress comes in little stages, coz the steps of a man are ordered by the Lord.

20) Just because God did not do in your life what he has done in the life of the person sitting beside you doesn’t mean God is partial. God is just but Hes not fair. Do not loose faith in God because He chose to take you through a process longer than the process of the people you heard about.

21) Break loose from your history so that you can step into your destiny. Your past can mess up your future if you don’t let go of how you use to do things.

22) O God, help me to update my files, and delete my history so that I can step into the present of where I am, and where you want me to be.

23) The reason why some folks don’t get things from the Lord is because they sit down there hungry and they are afrraid to ask for more.

24) There is a danger of being satisfied with less than what you want to receive from God, the danger of being polite in the face of a God who is able to do more than enough.

25) You’ve gotta be satisfied to be half blind.

26) When the garden of Eden was closed up, that was access denied. When Jesus was pierced with a spear and blood and water gushed out, that was accress granted.

27) You could be out of trouble and be blessed by God and yet be worried that something, some other trouble is on your way.

28) Just because you’ve been set back doesn’t mean youve been set out. A set back is an opportunity for a comeback.

29) Pharaoh was pursuing Israel as they decended into the sea bed of the red sea. Pharaoh and his best horses were on chariots, Israe was walking in the sea. With a Million people, it was difficult to run, so they had to walk it out. They were walking by faith, and not by sight.

30) Israel stepped down into deliverance. When we read about their deliverance, we shout, but they didnt. When we read God blowing back the red sea, we get happy, but they didnt. When we read about dry ground at the bottom of the sea bed, we rejoice, but they didnt. Its because when God delivers you, it doesn’t feel like deliverance, it feels like danger. Its nice to talk about the dry ground, but how about the fear caused by the high water walls.

31) You can’t enjoy the dry ground if you continue looking at the walls of water.

32) There is a discomfort in delieverance. Even though you don’t feel the joy you are supposed to feel during deliverance, don’t forget that God is still there. God did not commit himself to your conflict, He committed himself to your deliverance.

33) Resillence, Commitment, Tenacity and Strategy, as long as you have those four things, and dont forget the fourth, strategy, you can bounce back.

34) there are some necessities that must be swallowed.

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