Its True: Pastor W.F Kumuyi of the Deeper Life Bible Church remarries in UK – part2

And for those who thought Pastor Kumuyi was joking in taking a new bride, heres there pic:

folashade aduke blaize

General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor William Kumuyi took a new wife last week in London. When the news broke, it sparked mixed reactions. While some felt it was in order, not a few wondered why the 71-year old cleric needed a new wife. The church has opened up on the turn of event, reports Assistant Editor (News) OLUKOREDE YISHAU

Dressed in a modest suit, Pastor William Kumuyi and Esther Blaize , clad in a pink and purple skirt suit, exchanged the marriage vow last Wednesday. Guests were later ushered into the Crowne Plaza Hotel, London for a reception ceremony. And just like that, the General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry got married for the second time. Two days ago, key leaders of the church across the country, who were not privileged to attend the modest ceremony, were made to watch the video of the proceedings.

Pastor Kumuyi lost his first wife, Biodun on April 11 last year. He took the news with calm. He even went on to handle the convention and shocked many by preaching at the funeral of his late wife.

At the time of her death, Kumuyi was 70 years old. When asked last year if he was going to take a new wife, he said it was too early to think of that. With his age, not a few also thought he might just stay unmarried for the rest of his life.

A statement by the church yesterday said Kumuyi’s decision to remarry was not entirely his. The statement endorsed on his behalf by the church’s Secretary, Pastor L Nnadozie said his marriage to Esther sparked joy and spontaneous happiness among members of the church.

The statement reads: “Pastor Kumuyi had lost his wife, Biodun in April last year. The death of the woman affectionately called ‘mummy’ or ‘mama’ by members of the church, became a cause for concern for leaders in the church as she was almost inseparable from her husband. The church leaders were so concerned that the pastor must not remain lonely, that they led a delegation to encourage him to begin praying to God to give him another wife. The leaders also began praying for their pastor to get another partner. Although initially reluctant, Pastor Kumuyi later prayed and testified to the leaders that God had answered their prayers. This is what culminated in the marriage ceremony in London.”

The statement revealed that the new wife, whose other names are Folashade Aduke, is the National and International Woman Co-odinator of the church. She is 65. And wait for this: she was never married, because, according to Nnadozie, she committed her life to the Lord.


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By Sam Eyoboka
MORE facts emerged yesterday on the remarriage of the General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor William Folorunsho Kumuyi, 18 months after the demise of his first wife, Sister Biodun.

A statement by the Church Secretary, Pastor Livinus Nnadozie, confirmed the story making the rounds in the last couple of days, that the former Mathematics lecturer at the University of Lagos, tied the nuptial knots with a widow, simply called Esther Folashade Aduke Blaize in a solemn ceremony in London.

The statement said: “Pastor William Kumuyi sparked joy and spontaneous happiness among members of the church when he got married recently in London. His new wife is former Ms. Esther Folashade Aduke Blaize.

“She is the administrator of the church in London. Esther, 65, was never married before, but had committed her life to the service of the Lord. The solemnisation ceremony of the couple’s Christian marriage took place in London on Wednesday, October 13.”

Dressed in a modest business suit, Pastor Kumuyi watched as his bride, Esther, resplendent in a pink and purple skirt suit, took the vow of marriage. Guests at the wedding were later entertained at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in London. Until the recent wedding, last week, the new bride now being referred to as Queen Esther, was the church secretary in charge of the London branch of the church. Like late Mrs. Biodun Kumuyi, the new Mrs Esther Kumuyi is said to be one of the 15 founding members of the church in August 1973 at his living room at the University of Lagos.

According to sources close to the church, the ceremony which was preceded by a registry formalities was presided over by three clerics—one Nigerian and two British—Pastor Philip Oluwi, Pastor David Murray and Dr. James McDonnel. It was low keyed and devoid of glamour, only attracting a few invited guests from Nigeria.

The couple walked in to the Metropolitan hall with the wife dressed in a gown with a black coat on top and a hat to match instead of the usual turban that Deeper Life members had been identified with. The ceremony commenced with the introduction of the couple and a few hymns before a short exhortation by the officiating minister, Dr. McDonnel who enjoined the couple to lead exemplary lives.

The presiding cleric then proceeded to join the couple and thereafter declared the twosome husband and wife. According to the statement added that the wife of the General superintendent is the national and international women co-ordinator of the church, a role that cannot be filled by any other woman.

The late Mrs. Kumuyi was confirmed dead on Saturday, April 11, 2009 by the medical director of Light Hospital, Egbeda, Dr. Dare, after a protracted illness, while the husband was preaching at the church’s retreat at the Deeper Life Conference Centre along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

The 57-year old indigene of Epe in Lagos State was with her close family members when she gave up the ghost, smiling as she listened to her husband’s sermon at the Deeper Life Conference Centre, DLCC, on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, venue of the retreat via satellite when she finally gave up the battle for her life.


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117 thoughts on “Its True: Pastor W.F Kumuyi of the Deeper Life Bible Church remarries in UK – part2

  1. I know, it is absolute the will of God for Pastor W. F. Kumuyi to remarried to his new partner. May the Lord bless the marriage with all spiritual and physical blessings that the marriage of a man of God deserves. My dear Pastor remain blessed with your new wife.

  2. My Paster and Teacher.

    You are rightly stand on the word of God. God bless this marriage and may your desire concerning this marriage be fulfilled in Jesus Name Amen.

  3. God understands best,may He bless d marriage and make heaven our ultimate gain.Pastor more grace frm d lord 4 u and may he see u through ur ministry and christian journey 2 heaven.

  4. Who are we to question the will of God. Pastor kumuyi is a model so he wont do things that we lead congregation of God astral. Your decision is very right and absolutely biblical . I wish you happy married life in good health.congratulation

  5. In traditional African setting, marrying 18 months may appear unfeeling and suspicious, even a taboo! For me there is nothing unusual in Pastor William F. Kumuyi re-marrying within such a short spell. In any case, who sets the calendar or deadline for remarriage? I have personally watched with utmost consternation how Africans glorify widowhood and bachelorhood. I have seen women who lost their spouses 30 years ago when they were in their 20s and some under 40s, and they are still living as widows. Humanly speaking, it’s absurd. Does it mean that these men and women will be living unattached all their lives? As part of my will, I have instructed my wife to remarry if I leave the world before her at the time she chooses. I promised not to ghost-hunt her for doing that! And no one should accuse her of infidelity to me!

    WFK, as a radical that he has always been, is setting a standard for the Church at large, nay all humanity to follow. I admire him for his valour and being his own man. I only wish that the Church have been better educated on issues surrounding remarriage because there is a disproportionate numbers of widows and widowers among the congregation today. Many of them are still too tied to age-long traditions, superstitions or what people will say to think of remarriage. They obviously need help! And I hope all true Christians can catch the lesson WFK is trying to pass across. Remarriages have the great potentials of encouraging righteousness and chastity in Christendom. After all, it’s better to marry than to burn — (Apostle Paul)!

  6. In traditional African setting, marrying 18 months after your spouse demise may appear unfeeling and suspicious, even a taboo! For me there is nothing unusual in Pastor William F. Kumuyi re-marrying within such a short period. In any case, who sets the calendar or deadline for remarriage? I have personally watched with utmost consternation how Africans glorify widowhood and bachelorhood. I have seen women who lost their spouses 30 years ago when they were in their 20s and some under 40s, and they are still living as widows. Humanly speaking, it’s absurd. Does it mean that these men and women will be living unattached all their lives? As part of my will, I have instructed my wife to remarry if I leave the world before her at the time she chooses. I promised not to ghost-hunt her for doing that! And no one should accuse her of infidelity to me!

    WFK, as a radical that he has always been, is setting a standard for the Church at large, nay all humanity to follow. I admire him for his valour and being his own man. I only wish that the Church have been better educated on issues surrounding remarriage because there is a disproportionate numbers of widows and widowers among the congregation today. Many of them are still too tied to age-long traditions, superstitions or what people will say to think of remarriage. They obviously need help! And I hope all true Christians can catch the lesson WFK is trying to pass across. Remarriages have the great potentials of encouraging righteousness and chastity in Christendom. After all, it’s better to marry than to burn — (Apostle Paul)!

  7. I believe that the Pastor Kumuyi I know will NEVER do anything without hearing from God. This is one thing I love and admire in him. There is nothing absolutely wrong in remarrying after 18 months when his confidant, companion, counsellor and prayer partner left him. No other person can fill that vacuum except a legally married wife. Papa, may God bless you as you give us exemplary leadership example. The Lord who has led you into this will surely stand by you and uphold the Ministry He has committed into your hand. Your messages will continue to be a source of inspiration to me. For those who relish in making other people’s lives their business, good luck to them. My father in the Lord, my mentor and leader has done what the Almighty has led him to do and anyone who feels irked by it can go and find out from God. I only pray that many will not miss heaven or incur the wrath of God for their comments on what I believe God has a hand in. God bless you papa.

    Pastor M.A. Airebanmen,
    Prayer and Testimony Ministry,

  8. why will he allow the new wife to wear hat insted of turban when young girls are forced to wear turban on their wedding day which makes them look like old women or the wedding cancelled. He should appollogise to the church for the good marriages they have killed with their laws that have no bearing with the Bible. They should do something about that their marriage committee that have lead to the mass exodus of young girls from the church.

  9. When I watched the video clip, I knew that indeed it was a solemn and holy wedlock by my General Supritendent, Pastor W.F. Kumuyi. It was such a unique but simple ceremony that you would not believe that it is such a highly placed man of God doing such a wedding. From the court wedding to the simple ceremony it was simply marvellous. A beauty to behold. It was not lacking in anything at all. The man proved what he preached.
    How I wish all Christians, especially members of the Deeper Life Bible Church will borrow a leaf and stop all the ostentatious pretensions currently in the church during weddings. After the honeymoon, let our GS sit down, call all his pastors and let them know the Church’s practical stand on simplicity, modesty and frugality. Worldliness and competition in marraige has entered deep into the church that there is no marked difference in our weddings and reception than what is obtainable in the world.
    God bless Pastor WFK and our new mother in the Lord, Mummy Esther. Happy wedlock and many happy years in ministry.

    Brother John B. Ikwen
    Port Harcourt

  10. our pastor is a good leader, is preaching and living by example. About his remarried is good for him to remarried to show example to other leader so that they will not staying along without marriage but in secret they committing sin with other woman and let us remember sin can kill but remarried can never kill.

  11. Happy married to our father in the Lord. I pray God will give him heavenly vision to make the Church a glorious church in Jesus name.

  12. I think its bad.though at first i felt bad when i had the news.I blv dat my Daddy in the Lord will nt do any thing without hearing from GOD.I PERSONALLY WISH IN THE BEST IN HIS NEW FOUND LOVE.

  13. I bless the Name of the Lord for such a Glorious wedding, and I pray for all the blessing that associated with marriage to be theirs. Mean while, all the Leaders in the Church owns us apology for regarding such a simple way of dressing in marriage to be Worldliness for me during my wedding my wife was forced to wear turban in a very ugly dressing and did not allow us to video, it was tagged to be worldliness. To me I’ve forgiven before it’s been asking of, but we should learn how to be sincere.

  14. The wedding was cute. Change has come to Deeperlife. The mere fact she wore a hat at her wedding is the sign of change. God is at hand and everything happens for a reason. Kumuyi needs this. He always had Biodun by his side. Only God knows how he has been coping without her. Plus you might have all the random ” old born again” women in the church already planning on how they are going to marry him, or you know the way African women act, probably bombarding him with unnecessary nasty food….he needs a wife man. At least for companionship. He literally has no one. His sons have their own lives in the states . These past 18 months he has been travelling here and there still doing the work of God, but with no one by his side. It must be tough on the man jare. Thank you Jesus for providing him an help meat. Even if it is just to cook for him or whatever thank you GOD. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Kumuyi. Can’t wait to see you two together when you visit us.

  15. The new marriage of our Daddy is the Almighty God’s answer to our prayers as members of the Deeperlife Bible church family. Since Mummy Biodun Kumuyi went to glory, we have embarked on endless prayers to God on behalf of our Daddy, Pastor WF. Kumuyi. This event is therefore most welcome and we shall continue to be grateful to God for His matchless mercies to the Deeperlife church family. We wish Daddy Kumuyi and Mummy Esther Kumuyi a happy prosperous married life. More grace for our daddy and Mummy, more annointing and Holy Ghost power for God’s service. In an agreement with the words of the scripture, I decree that whatever both of you shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever both of you shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven in Jesus’ name. The good Lord shall uphold you both to the very end. Both you our parents and us your children shall make heaven and rejoice together. Amen

  16. there is duble standard in the church other members of the church are not allowed to vedeo their wedding as a leader he should please show example or explain to us why other members are not allowed to vedeo or are they inferio human beings and him a supper human.

  17. my daddy in the lord,ride on.i know you will not walk outside the will of God.i pray for those of you saying rubbish that you will not miss heaven because of another man’s affair

  18. i felt intrigued at this news especially when i heard that the bride had been single and one of the 15..i see this as a move from God especially on behalf of the bride.i love God for this.i am still asking if this is the way He actually work.His work.His great work.His acts.His great acts.its possible God had a promise for the bride that must be fulfilled.And ofcourse,the Lord had to interupt our Pastor’s personal programme.

    On the church about marriage.i believe a quick review should be done.Many had lost out and deprived of having a good wedding day just because they had to obey man-made law.

    i had been in DLBC for years before marying a baptist.i am enjoying my marriage of seven years because i followed the Lord.Though then,some of the members then did not see me as still a christian.but for crying out loud,their belief does not matter to me.i know of deeper life method way of marriage that collapsed after two years.

    marriage is a thing of the heart.

    Thank you for following the Lord sir and ma.You remain my pastor.

  19. To God be the Glory! This is the Lord’s doing, it’s marvelous in our eyes! May the Lord sustain the Marriage to His Glory.

  20. dada, i love ur style. its good to av a companion once again, dont mind dem, elenu lo le nu….. lets dem sayyyyyyyyyyy. ”it’s better to marry than to burn”.

  21. Pastor, you are both a blessing and an admire-able mystery to this generation. I know you remarried because you were instructed to do so by THE LORD whom you serve earnestly with all your mind and strength and not just for a mere guard against a “burning in the flesh”. We love you and we love our new mummy whom the LORD has in HIS wisdom giving to be another help meet for you (even as we loved the late mummy Biodun). Daddy, we are praying for you. God will do more through you than He has ever done!!!

  22. Congratulation my Father in the Lord and I wish happy married life in Jesus Name!*
    I Know very well is NOT a sin to remarry if one loss partner.My Dad you have done well.


  24. its interesting… I pray that Esther Kumuyi wil b a better model 4 our women…i also hope she undastands her new found position… Many women already r using her as a post concerning dis suit n hat issue…i pray dat God wil make her a beacon.. Kudoz to my partor jare.. God blz ur minirtry..

  25. its exciting to hear that Baba is married… Ministry is deep..hence the need 4 an help meet… Wateva people say,they that r led by the Spirit,they r the sons of God n i know that my pastor is led… My sincere prayer to God 4 this couple is Gods wisdom n direction…

  26. i hope dat marriage committee is aware that my Gs wedding was videoed n his beloved used hat… Thanks 2 innovation…. GOD UPHOLD BABA ……… MALABITE B INFORMED…UNICAL

  27. At first wen I heard my Pastor re-married,I was filled wit mixed reactions,however I thot to my self,why shld I be selfish,it was like I jst wanted him 4 d church.At the latter end,I took it as Gods will,and if dat makes him happy so am I.God walks in various ways in various lives.About the deeperlife wedding something cld be done about it,as a youth,I wld luv 2 marry in the church,Iluv modest weddings.We don’t av 2 tie a turban,we jst luk goodly and still not compromise on the standards set in the church.

  28. pastor kumuyi has shown by this simple act that he is human, plain and of great understanding.i am very happy thee devil’s trick has beenvoid again. icant understand what his critics are talking about. he did not commit any sin by this act, rather he has demostrated a high level of spiritual understanding. Heaven is happy with him,AND THE LORD WILL YET DELIVER HIM.

  29. There is nothing wrong with Daddy Kumuyi remarrying! The Deeper Life Bible Church needs a mother and NOW is the RIGHT time.

  30. My Pastor Extraordinary,
    Your marriage is in order as the Deeper Life Bible Church needs a mother and QueenEsther is just alright since she is a founding member.

  31. He is my pastor and mentor.He deserves to re-marry a help meet for him.congratulation 2 pastor Kumuyi.

  32. This is LEGEN….. wait for it….. DARY….. and it is AWE….. wait for it…… SOME..
    I love to hear this, that history can be make and it can rebound more and more in the hear of people like us that love to hear goodnews like this one…… CARRY GO…. I call this JUBILEE CELEBRATION… just as my PAPA said…… things that was lost can now be regain…..


  33. Pastor Kumuyi is our Big DADDY and we wish him and his new 65yr old bride a splendid married life. I am not a member of the Deeper Life Church, but i have been a big fan of Kumuyi’s preaching, bible study and lifestyle. He is a joy and an inspiration to all Christian believers and i know with Mummy Esther by his side, Papa Kumuyi will keep doing what God called him to do. Congratulations and thank you Mummy Esther for the beautiful hat you wore. I hope our Deeper Life Sisters are watching?

  34. I guess the devil is dissapointed and frustrated , am sure he had pilled up earth shaking strategies agains W.F.Kumuyi in order to drag him to the mud. But my father in heaven , He that knows the end from the begininng , He that can never be taken by suprise, He that frustrates the plan of the wicked, the I AM THAT I AM, intervened and said “NO” “Satan thats not gonna happen, not to my son Kumuyi”, then God said ” Son ,quickly go get a wife, etc.” The entire kingdom of darkness became bittered that thier plan has been frustrated. Hence , am not suprised when people criticize and say all manner of frivolous statements on account of Kumuyi’s wedding , i simply smile, because they are simply expressing their masters frustration. GOD BLESS PASTOR KUMUYI, GOD BLESS HIS MARRIAGE and MINISTRY. Though i am not a member of ur congregation, but I LOVE U SIR, i cant forget how God used u in my life in 1997.

  35. it is wonderful to know that, my father in the lord, so dearly to me and also mentor is now marry, by God grace, the marriage is blessed, that is the will of God.

  36. The entire members of the church were worried about the departure of our mother late mrs abiodun kumuyi,but personaly i’m happy that the lord av provided you a new wife bcos i know it’s the will of God.i wish you happy married life and a prosperous ministry.eze george uchenna 4rm ebonyi state but daddy you did not invite me to you wedding.

  37. PASTOR W F KUMUYI has shown example in this order by not hiding to be living in hipocrisy and pretence. It is better to marry than to burn. He needs not just a wife but Companion and a friend. He has done the right thing. Congratulations

  38. HE WHO FIND’s A WIFE HAS FOUND A GOOd THING:) I am very excited about the holy wedlock of the G. S. By his Grace the latter shall be greater than the former. It’s really a thing of joy, just hope our Mummy from Yanki would be able to tie turban. Collins from CRUTECH

  39. YES God has done it. He’s taking the body of christ to another level. Thanks to God, Our new mummy is matured in the faith and also in the church. Let the G. S. Overlook those critics, they’re from the pit of hell. THIS IS THE TIME TO REFIRE.
    Ufono J from CRUTECH, Calabar.

  40. Daddy K, you won our hearts again. As a general in God’s Army, you have fulfilled the biblical standard without fear; thereby liberating many that have been cowardly handicapped by ‘WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY’. Continue to affect & challenge lives.

  41. When i first had the news of Pastor Kumuyi’s re-marriage sometime last week, i was really suprised. I checked the internet then and confirmed the story. Though i am not a member of DLCM, i really respect and admire Pastor Kumuyi. He is a rare and precious gift from GOD to this generation and those yet unborn if CHRIST tarries. I belief GOD led him to undertake this project for some reasons. Wishing you a happy married life my Daddy in the Lord. May the grace to continue the special ministry that GOD gave you continue to abound to you and your new help mate in JESUS name amen. Okey Mbakwe

  42. Please leave turban alone. Pastor may God keep You and Mummy Esther Kumuyi. Video may not be among the criteria to heaven. Just follow after Holiness. Dad move in your ministry and God bless. Long live Deeper life Bible Church.

  43. i was not surprised when i heard the news, simply bcos PASTOR KUMUYI himself stated that he wouldn’t follow what people may say. He said if God orders him to re-marry he would do and otherwise. Concerning the hat and video recording, i know he would surely have explanation on that.

    Balogun Opeyemi

  44. I specially thank God for giving a new help-meet to our beloved Pastor. This is the Lord’s doing and is marvellous in our eyes.This is the beginning of a new chapter in the ministry of His faithful servant. More grace and power for Pastor Kumuyi and his new wife to fulfil their appointed ministry in Jesus’ name. Dear Pastor, Happy Married Life.

  45. the fact that baba got married again is not to raise alarm,for God sake it’s scriptural abeg make unna liv baba alone

  46. It is not good for d man to be alone therefor God gave him an help mate. More grace to pastor w.f. Kumuyi 2 lead us to heaven.

  47. turban wo, hat wo or leaving the hair open is not a pre-requisite of going to HEAVEN. Those of u making flimsy coments on this show ur level of carnality. u r nt Heavenly conscious think of things tat wud MAKE u go to Heaven. Don’t because of wat u wear spend eternity in HELL!!. PASTOR MORE GREASE TO UR ELBOW FORGET ABOUT THE CRITICS. U’VE DONE WELL

  48. Well, am just too happy that this man of God took so many people by surprise both in the dress code of the wife not following the tradition of his surbordinates of turbound and gown, just very simple. I wish they should take example from him. I wish papa and the new mother a happy honey moon and married life.

  49. Dearly beloved daddy, this is the Lord’s doing and it’s marvelous in our sight. Keep on in the love of God. Stand more earnestly for the faith. Keep showing us the way. We love you. To our mummy & queen we are glad the Lord has found you as the right peg that fits the right hole. The Lord requires of you more grace, more wisdom, more courage & more holiness. Please give your utmost best to our papa and the ministry. Indeed it is a true saying he who laughs last laughs best. The single ladies should take cue from this. Heaven is our ultimate goal we shall get there in Jesus’ name. Pls dad & mum, pray for us that are still looking unto God for His perfect will. Just like the entire members of the church wish you a blissful marital relationship, I do more earnestly. My strong warning to the critics is to beware what they say knowing that it is the giver of life they are saying such to.

  50. My mentor thank God who used you to affect my life through your teachings. Your marriage to Queen Esther is God ordained,congrats pls wait patiently 4 God’s time. We in DLBC are okay with d way we conduct our wedins nd our dressin. Is it video dat gives one a blissful home? Baba,”what a difference (ur teachings) made in my life”.LONG LIVE NIGERIA,LONG LIVE DEEPER LIFE,LONG LIVE PASTOR W.F KUMUYI. Amen

  51. I wish the couple happy marriage and glorious matrimony.I sincerely appreciate the good example set by the founder of Deeper Christian Life Ministry and standard of his life. I also thank GOD for His leading in marriage to ms Esther.

  52. I wish the couple happy marriage and glorious wedlock.I sincerely appreciate the good example set by the founder of Deeper Christian Life Ministry and standard of his life. I also thank GOD for His leading in marriage to ms Esther.

  53. None wishes to be a widow or widower. Remarriage of widows and widowers are not happy moments but it is fully Christian and entirely Scriptural if the people concerned are convinced of Gods leading to go into it. God’s grace to the Kumuyis.

  54. People of God! Don’t judge anybody.remember that,papa is an annoiting man of God.rememba this….To every successful man their is a in d transition of mama,another mama must replace 2 do and perform d right duty of late mama.papa kumuyi more greese 2 ur elbow.NIJA let’s stop criticizesing this talented man.

  55. It’s good not 2b sentimental. Men can’t determine what is really good, ie y criticism comes in. All d same blessed is d man that has d mind of Christ who is able 2 detect God’s will. Pastor congrats!

  56. You guys in Nigeria are reading it out of context. Deeper Life churches in UK and US don’t wear turban. They wear hat like other pentecostal churches. Knowing that the bride is a pastor of the church in the UK, it will be hypocritical if she wears a turban as the Nigerian churches do. By the wear the way a woman dresses in the church is the role of the women co-ordinator.
    I wont be surprise if the realm of turban its soon faced out.

  57. ‘As many as are led by the Spirit of the Lord, they are the sons( daughters of God) !!! Christians, all over should work on developing a PERSONAL relationship with the Lord. Then they will adhere to doctrines only after ‘…being fully persuded’ not because the church demands it of them.

    Happy married life to the new Pastoe & Mrs Kumuyi

  58. Myself and some group of people had taken some time to pray on this issue of Pastor’s marital life shortly after the death of Sis. Biodun and our prayer points was that the WILL of God should be done as God will lead him in taking a right decision.
    At this time, I rejoice with him, for I know this is perfect WILL of God.
    Pastor needed to get re-married, just as he has done for, Companion, Warmth, accompany in the minister and so on.
    No one should ask why or query his action, for this is good and acceptable before God. The bible recorded that:” Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge”. Hebrews 13:4 39
    “The wife is bound by the law as long as her husband liveth; but if her husband be dead, she is at liberty to be married to whom she will; only in the Lord.
    .” 1Corinthians 7: 39 (This apply to husband also.)
    This marriage is blessed with every spiritual blessing and earthly goodness in Jesus name.


  60. BIG DADDY, I AM SO GLAD ABOUT THIS GOOD NEWS OF YOURS MUMMY ESTHER HAS brought great joy to congregation,and the entire family of deeper life bible church world wide ,dad never mind what others may say they are not your GOD once again happy married life ,,mum please take good care of daddy ,keep on firling for GOD .GOOD BYE.

  61. I was happy when i heard the news that our Daddy had remarried.I strongly believe that whatever step he took he heard from God.I pray that God would continue to empower our Daddy to do more exploits for him.Daddy we all LOVE U.

  62. Continue to preach the word to expand the kingdom of God . Let the people know that JESUS IS COMING BACK SOON . .May the Lord longer your life to make more exploits for HIM. Shun destractions. PO. A baptist

  63. WELL DONE MY PASTOR. Sincerly speaking, no one knows they way of God more than Himself. He carefully prepared both WOMEN for a purpose in your life and that of your ministry. Mummy Biodun has fulfilled her part and now mummy Esther has stepped in.

    My prayer is that God will help both of you to bring the entire church and christiandom to the desire heaven atlast.




  66. congratulation daddy!!!! may God Bless your marriage to queen have really lived by what you preach and am impressed.turban or hat z not an issue…the most important thing is that you are in His perfect will ELENU LO LENU!!!!!!!!LET THEM SAY

  67. God is not a man, His promises must come to pass. Marriage committee, this is a great lesson to learn. It is a very good thing that will move the church forward. Congratulation to the entire DLCM family and our great daddy in the Lord, PASTOR W. F. KUMUYI

  68. Don’t even understand what u guys are saying..that he got married within a short time after the demise of his wife is good?For crying out loud,if late pastor Bimbo’s husband could wait for 4yrs before remarrying even though he is much younger than pastor Kumuyi, i wonder why Pastor kumuyi at 70 yrs culd not wait for atleast 2yrs before remarrying.It’s only a sign of respect for his late wife.If it was a woman that got married this fast,the whole world will condemn her.He should have waited a little while.That’s my opinion.Not happy about it.

  69. I don’t criticise our pastor for getting married again but i want 2 comment on wat was writen on d news page n i quote “she(the new wife) will be d national n international women cordinator a position dat cannot b occupied by any other woman” is dis not self-centredness? Also on d hat n video issue i think he’d already broken dat doctrine some months ago, he knew he will remarry dat’s y he said pastor should no longer impose dlbc’s doctrine on members again. I tink he’s very wise. He knew wat was coming. Thank God for his new wife, she will try n set a new dressing code for our sisters(girls) cos they look like….old women due 2 their dressing. Solomon okon frank

  70. He is a man that follow the will of his father. It is his will for him to get re-married. I want the member DLBC to know that mrs biodun kumuyi is different mrs queen kumuyi from both physical and spiritual point of view. Happy marriage life father.

  71. Pastor, u’re welcome to married life once again. Companion is our i pray dat should sustain dis marriage. I wish u best of knowledge in ur marriage life.

  72. In the shadow of nostalgia, I remember the unique cadency of Pastor Kumuyi’s voice, a voice modulation often subconsciously imitated by many admiring pastors, a voice that filters to my ears in those days at Shiroro Zone at Minna, Niger State, a voice that wafts across like distant throws of ocean waves. And I remember my mother’s over twenty years dedication to Deeper Life as a chorister until she went to heaven two years ago. And as I sit here, an author of eight books and fifteen documentaries and a connoiseur of deep christian character, a character that does not judge whether a dress is pink or blue or a covering is hat or turban or evangelism is by radio or television, but one that is above all these immature judgements and fixed upon God, the author and finisher of our Faith, as I sit here typing this and looking at the man whose voice modulation calmed my adolescent nerves back in the days (1985), I know I shall mention him in my autobiography as a deeply profound man and I know that when I conclude my mother’s memoirs this year, “A Life of Virtue”, I shall mention him as one to be found only in the ranks of Mahatma Gandhi for his unassuming simplicity. Happy married life, dear Pastor Kumuyi. Happy married life, Daddy. Signed: Jeff Unaegbu, Author of “Ode on Lagos and Other Poems”, adjudged the longest poem by a Nigerian by Newswatch Magazine. Onward Christian Soldiers, marching as to war….

  73. The will of God be done!
    No one should say anything negative against the man of God in order not to receive God’s wrath.
    Ride on pastor W.F Kumuyi

  74. well i like the fact dat he is married again.. but come to think of it wat if peopel statr saying dat he and his new wife killed his former wife so dat he could be with another woman……..i don’t mean no harm

  75. my teacher, my pastor i wish u happy married life sir, may d lord bless u in all wat u lay ur hands on my regards to our new mummy and mama tanks sir

  76. It’s good to get married than to be seen messing around.This man’s life and ministry has been a blessing.May this marriage be as well.

  77. Congratulation sir,What you did is in line with the scripture 1 Corinth 7, the world is full of temptations (remember Ezekiel 33 vs12),May GOD continue to strenghten you and bless your union with Mummy Folashade,May GOD grant her the grace to please HIM always in the new role.I enjoy GOD’s ministration through you,May the word of Life never be put to shame in JESUS Name.GOD BLESS YOUR UNION IN JESUS NAME.

  78. I had to come back after reading some comments of others,Those who express their displeasure about it,Is just unfortune but them, even JESUS CHRIST was critised,Daddy should not worry but my pray for them is May God forgive them. I believed GOD,HE want to prove a point in your new union,HE IS GOD HE CHANGETH NOT (Heb 13 vs 8), HE visited Elizabeth/Zacharias in old age(Lk I vs18), Abraham/Sarah(Gen.17 vs17).I believed God that HE would prove to the entire world that HE IS STILL GOD in this present dispensation.

  79. Marriage is honorable in all d bed undefied, woremongers, aduterers and adulteres God will judge. Papa Kumuyi knows and understands scripture. He knows that d course he is pursuing biger than men’s thoughts. He must have prayed and spoken to his children. He did not go for a 30 year old member, he married a church mother fit for d course he must accomplish. Congrats Man of God

  80. I’m grateful to God…initially,i got the news with mixed feelings..but then i realized that the role of a wife in the life of a servant of God cannot be downplayed…i knew Pastor would need a wife and now he has gotten one,i can only express my happiness about it.
    remembering the times under him has been enriching..since my “crawling” days..down to the days when myself and his younger son, John would run and play around the church headquarters premises,it was so much fun to remember…anyway, its all good…several personal encounters with the man of God has shaped my life today..i remembered his prayers for me after i took a solo at the National Workers’ Retreat at the IBTC,..the impact still bears…
    i sincerely wish him a fulfilled marriage and all the virtues, comfort, pleasures and fellowship that marriage brings..
    whatever people say,is their business…lets not forget that HEAVEN holds so much surprises…the most important thing is: FIND YOUR WAY THERE!!!

  81. its true that u’re a Model to the daily desire is to get a double portion of god’s anointing on you in my life..God bless ur marriage.

  82. I’m not a deeper life member but he is my father in the Lord. I love him so much. The man of God is a role model to me and to the entire world, when we talk of humility and holiness indeed, he has got. Indeed, he is following the life and pattern of Jesus Christ. When i see him preach on hiTV there is this joy that comes flows through my heart as i watch him.
    I pray we have more of him in this country and all over the world.
    Please, let keep praying for him that, God should strengthen him physically and spiritually.
    God bless his marriage real good.

  83. Be careful about what u say about a man of God. Remember God has not made u a judge over any one. Serve God with sincerity and stop poking your nose into others lives GOD BLESS

  84. When i see matured people get married i see real marriage not hostel boys and girls who get married dis days.I wish i was there to see Daddy Kumuyi,the marriage could have been held in the US,because i base in the US,i could have been there live,anyway my marrige is this year december 2011,as God have seen Pastor kumuyi thru,God will also see me thru,i know am not rightouse as kumuyi.Happy marrige live Pastor Kumuyi.

  85. May the good Lord bless their marriage.Congrat our Pastor,our Daddy in Lord.May u grow from strength to strength and more annointing 4rm above.Blissful Congugal.

  86. What God had joined together and also showers His blessings upon,let no man or women tries to put any asunder through negative comments.
    Happy married life to whom God had honoured.



  88. Even his critics know that GS is the Pastor of Pastors.A man of fame in righteousness,purity and humility in a rotten and confused world.Baba KUMUYI is a terrae incognitae in the LORD.He has a touch of GOD.Bcus THE ALMIGTY GOD is always right, the chosen few that are so close to HIM like Daddy Kumuyi are always right. They act on GOD’S instructions.Therefore, my Pastor is right.Thank u Daddy for obeying the will of GOD.What a blessed marriage.To GOD be theGlory..

  89. One must understand that deeper life is a church of simplicity and also it is God whom we serve and not human so donot look at somebody in worshiping your God.

  90. Read your Bible very well , you will discover pastor Kumuyi is free to marry is not a sin, remove useless sentiment if you doubt me call my number 07030849140 my name is Iyanu Temituro am not even a member of deeper life let share the scripture together

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