28 thoughts on “Pastor William and Sister Esther Kumuyi’s wedding in pictures part-03

  1. Big thanks to the life press for their creativity u really gave us a vivid description of our dad’s wedding allthough we ‘ren’t there and once again to our parent happy married life.

  2. Great work from the Life Press.I am very impressed by the modest manner in which the wedding ceremony was conducted.Glory be to God.

  3. When I heard this my mind was casted back to the story I read about a man called George Fox. He married a widow purposely to promote his ministry. Exactly God has led you to do, Daddy. You are a man with concern for lost souls. May God enrich your ministry in Jesus name.

  4. You are a man of God indeed. I love the simplicity of the wedding . It is one in thousand among Ur equal. God bless you Sir.

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  6. Congratulation sir. Happied marry life.May the good Lord keep you together all the days of your lives.I rejoice with you.

  7. A worldly man would hv choosn a lady young enough to be his daughter but here is a perfect match, a devine choice,

  8. Oh Daddy congratulation for the new wise, I pray that God will continue to direct You. Empower You physically and Spiritually In Jesus Name Amen. Happy Marriage life.

  9. Daddy, u made a wise choice. ur sinplicity in ur wedding shows that anything done in a flabouyant ways is vanity.i pray that God should suprise u n ur wonderful wife with somthing unique that will arouse d spirit of everybody in this world. God bless u.

  10. Great Apostle of our time! The grace of God on u is just matchless! May we (me) catch d vision u caught in 1972 in Jesus’ name, amen. A true genius u are dad. May u refire instead of retire in Jesus name, amen! Shalom bami!

  11. Thanks to GOD almighty for his grace and courage to decide at last, may GOD strengthen and keep you and your family “Amen”

  12. indeed dad,dis has shown ur commitment 2 d development of d ministry.may ur dream comes to reality. i’m proud 2 a membr

  13. daddy,the Lord wil help u and ur family to in jesus name Amen

  14. you are blessed in and out,the Lord wil kep ur ministary and ur family also the chruch of God.

  15. icongratulate Daddy for obying the spirit of God and not what d people wil say. The lord will fulfil & keep u & ur marriage to d end & 2 be rapurerable in Jesus Name (Amen).

  16. Congrats, the man with the mandate! I love you and I thank God for your exemplary character. Stay blessed, wonderful man of God.

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