Sometimes I listen to Nigerian news channels or read the papers and get really confused; whenever I hear / read things like “MINISTER OF / MINISTER OF STATE FOR, and MINISTER FOR“.

Which part of the above is just English language and which part is an official portfolio in the Nigerian Government. I’m puzzled about who is who: what is the duty and responsibility of a MINISTER OF that isn’t or shouldn’t be the responsibility of a MINISTER FOR. So please, if you know how to put MINISTER OF / MINISTER FOR / MINISTER OF STATE FOR in proper words / perspective / please help to explain.

The following are some examples:

Minister of Agriculture & Water Resources Prof. Sheikh Ahmed Abdullahi
Minister of State for Agriculture & Water Resources, Mr. Awodele Najem Adewale

Minister of Commerce & Industry, sen. Jibril Martins Kuye
Minister of State for Commerce & Industry, Ms. Josephine Tapgun

Ministry of Finance, Mr. Olusegun Olutoyin Aganga
Minister of State for Finance, Mr. Aderemi W. Babalola

Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Dr. Akinwunmi Ayo Adesina
Minister of State – Agriculture and Natural Resources , Alhaji Bukar Tijani Borno    

References where I got the above:

One thought on “QUESTION: what is the difference between MINISTER OF , MINISTER OF STATE FOR and MINISTER FOR

  1. Cabinet Minister – Senior minister in-charge of a ministry. A Cabinet minister may also hold additional charges of other Ministries, where no other Cabinet minister is appointed.

    Minister of State (MoS) – junior minister with an overseeing Cabinet Minister, usually tasked with a specific responsibility in that ministry. For instance, an MoS in the Finance Ministry may only handle Taxation.

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