FUNNY: Please do not George those people the evils men does live b4 them just wait and see

I once met a Navy officer(in full uniform) at a branch of the GTB who couldn’t fill up a withdrawal slip to withdraw his own cash over the counter. At first, I thought he needed a pen, so I offered it to him. He motioned to me, asking for help to fill the form. The experience changed my view about men in Uniform in Nigeria (police, military, navy, etc). I had always thought they were the cream of the crop.

Reading this statement (screenshot below), from a news article online(the article was about a man who wanted to burn down a Church, source: click here) makes me laugh, but leaves me wondering which primary / secondary school level did this Mr/Mrs Ola Johnson stop his/her education at:

I just can’t imagine that someone will confuse judge with George, in a sentence, thats besides the other blunders in the comment.



Shoudn’t the right statement be: the evils that men do lives AFTER them?

Typographical errors are obvious and forgivable, but when Judge is confused with George, damn!. Anyway, I am not a George, so we can just laugh over the above. hahahahaha

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