Nigeria’s Most Useless Citizen Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab gets life in prison

I was very happy, in fact, I rang out a very loud “YES”, last night after hearing on CNN that NIGERIA’S MOST USELESS CITIZEN – FAROUK ABDULMUTALLAB was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.

Here is the youtube video:


Unfortunately, our man is very unrepentant. The FBI, during the court proceedings showed a video of what could have happened if Mutallab had succeeded. Mutallab’s reaction was to say “god is great, god is great”. The judge labelled him an Unrepentant mass murderer who would kill again if given the opportunity. Life in Prison, without Parole is what he was given.

A note for Mutallab:

Dear Mutallab, your god is not great if his/her greatness means killing yourself and other innocent people. Because of what you did, the whole much of our lives as Nigerians have changed. We have been denied visas for no other purpose than because we were Nigerians.

And as we go through the airports, we are searched from the hair on our head to the toes of our feet. The shame and the embarrassment of your actions have been etched forever in Nigeria’s history books. It would have been better that if you couldn’t do anything good in your lifetime to enhance the national image, you shouldn’t have done anything at all than to do something to further tarnish it.

The following are some screen captures from the CNN video at this link: click here










































3 thoughts on “Nigeria’s Most Useless Citizen Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab gets life in prison

  1. Accordin to an eye witness who was on the flight with his wife. Kurt Haskell said ‘ He was disapointed that the US government allowed Abdulmutallab to get on to the plane . . . I am convinced that Umar was given an intentionally defective bomb by a US agent to stage to false terorrist attact to be used to implement various government policies. . . ‘ I will never trust anything the government says, ever.’ Haskell turned to Abdulmutallab ‘ Umar you are not a Muslim maytr, you are merely a government patsy’. The writer of this piece u ar jus sayin somthn ignorantly. U cant justify wat u said wit proves. Keep shut pls! An u were dnied visa bc u ar weed.

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