Questions: whats wrong with all these Nigerians marrying expired old women

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source: nairaland

Between humble beginnings and gold digging, can someone please tell me the difference. I wont be surprised if the above Oyinbo wife is older than the mother of her Nigerian husband. For this discussion, let me name our above Nigerian citizen as Emeka.

Someone asked me the other day that why are Nigerians averagely scammers. I didnt know if to thank him for using the word “averagely” or not. I made him understand that those scammer-Nigerians are the ones destroying the reputation of the rest of us., for example: Bidemi Bakare and his gang, etc, etc.

Coming to think of it, isn’t it better if Nigerians retained their scammer-reputation, rather than assume the new: TERRORISTS? thank you again to Nigerias #1 Jihadist?

Emeka is at least even better than scammers. He is a mathematician and he has to balance the equation. His goal is paali – where paali is the citizenship rights of wherever the oyinbo woman belongs to. After this, as we all know, he could work and live comfortably in greener pastures, pay the old-hag off and then get on with his life and she with hers.

She looks European, so after getting his papers done, Emeka could even migrate somewhere else in Europe and get a life with a woman his age. Can’t we say that our man is better than so many other Nigerians who have no plan for their lives?

Emeka though has a couple of like-minds, and I bet some other Nigerians are planning their grandma weddings.:

Question: Are there no Nigerian women abroad that these folks could hook up with? or maybe since Nigerian women are also looking for Paali, and mostly working as prostitutes, at least its better for Emeka to marry a grandma rather than subscribing for HIV? just a thought!

your comments and opinions are welcome!

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