Lover Leaks Female Bank Manager’s Nude Pictures

Some women have really gone mad. This lady is a manager in one of the financial institutions. According to what hear, she is married but had a relationship with one of her male staff and went ahead to start another one with another male staff. The first guy got to know and after a brief quarrel, they separated and he decided to expose her. The pictures you will be seeing shortly are the result of their fight.See the pictures below (strictly for adults only)….


(strictly for adults only)….

(strictly for adults only)….

(strictly for adults only)….

(strictly for adults only)….

(strictly for adults only)….


MArried Bank Manager exposed



MArried Bank Manager exposed 2


MArried Bank Manager exposed 1




24 thoughts on “Lover Leaks Female Bank Manager’s Nude Pictures

  1. Na wa 0. Wetin women want self. if it is money or serious gift like house or brand new car, no problem. what will a junior/ subordinate in d offer other than prick

  2. Women can be easily deceived,since d one in d house is not enough her,She really got want she want,outright divorce.

  3. This is a pornstar from Ivory Coast or Haiti. Her pics have been around the net since like 5 years ago? FYI: The days of being pranked with pictures are now over people. All u have to do is ‘save the picture in a different location and drug it to Google Images search bar’. It is image ready and it will tell u a lot about a picture. Try another joke please

  4. shameless woman brings a fucking big disgrace to her entire family. she humiliated herself,loose her job, break the trust and confident both the husband and the bank have for her. What a advise for her his to go to the church for delieverance and forgiveness.

  5. the caption does not fit the action. this is a delibrate post by the owner using a said third party. personal display of nakedness!

  6. i don’t blame her, is the work of the devil. sex is a key used by the devil to penetrate into our soul. my brother & sisters, never you speak against this woman anymore because is not her fault; rather be sorry for her & also pray for her. 99% of us fail victim of xxx, both married & single; why are we pretending. once we has flesh & blood we must {under must} be tempted to xxx, is only by the grace of God we overcome our flesh & blood. try your best & leave the rest for God. remember no body is perfect.

  7. If she need a sex machine im here 4 her, she waz nt aware dat it wil be lyk this, every1 do it, bt is a bad lucky

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  10. Mmmm yawa no go end haw can a prety lovely woman like this cheat on her husband or is her husband old or not good on bed may is that why she cheated on him bt good should forgive nawa for som men and women

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