QUESTION: Why is TEAM NIGERIA always stranded at the airport?

Everytime our athletes go abroad representing the country, they are always stranded at the airport. Why. Someone please tell me why. Below is another news about Paralympic team Nigeria.!




Team Nigeria, who represented the country at the just concluded Paralympic Games in London, flew back into the country, to a low-keyed reception. Despite the fact that they returned with 13 medals – 6 gold, 6 silver and 1 bronze, they were left stranded at the Murtala Muhammed Airport.

No single official of the National Sports Commission, was on hand to welcome the glorious athletes

“In our country, nobody regards us as anybody. Nobody cares about special sports – there is no budget for us. It’s not like other countries, where they consider people with disabilities first. We can do nothing but motivate ourselves,” one of the athletes said.

“We are back in our country and we made them proud. Let me wake up and receive us well,” another athlete added.

source: daily post

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