Mob strips woman naked for robbing a female passenger in Abuja

262951_426929437365184_181305806_n-600x450.jpg-782018A young lady was yesterday stripped naked at the Area 11 Junction in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja after robbing a female passenger.

She was seriously given a chase by a group of young men who volunteered to help the victim track down the perpetrators.
It was reported that the lady and five others had carried out a one-chance operation at Area 11, robbing an unlucky female passenger who fell into their hands.  The victim was later identified as Obiageli.

Luck however ran out on them when bystanders who watched the robbery scene from a distance quickly rushed to the scene to rescue the helpless woman. The men who were smarter fled the scene leaving the lady, who struggled to rescue herself from the hands of the angry mob.

She however put up a defense mechanism through her refined grammar, claiming she was not part of the operation.

The mob who already knew the truth hastily got hold of her hand bag, and searched the Nissan care she brought thoroughly.  Recovered from the car and her hand bag were ATM cards belonging to different people, passports of different people and over 20 mobile phones.

It became too late for her to beg the mob as their number had already increased. It was then that they quickly stripped her naked and descended on her.
She was however rescued by the police who whisked her away.

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