An Open letter to Ann Coulter.

Ann Coulter says she won’t use the word “retard” for someone for an actual real-life retard, but she would use it to insult someone who isnt a retard.

She referred to President Obama as a retard in the tweet below.

Check this interview:


dear Ann Coulter,

Its unfortunate that over the years, you have built for yourself a reputation as someone who doesn’t brush her teeth before talking. When I first read the news that someone, a public figure called Barrack Obama a retard, I thought the person must be so out of his or her mind. In fact, I thought that whoever it was a drunk kid.

Unfortunately you were born in 1961 and your age hasn’t descended into your sub-conscious in 2012. Folks around the world who are your age are supposed to become repositories of wisdom – people that the young can look up to, but its like you might have some loose nuts and bolts upstairs that make you say the worst things about others. I must think you feel terribly insecure so you try to take out your worst fears by insulting everyone on your path. 

I find it odd that you don’t find anything wrong in calling a human being who is 100% mentally sound a retard, yet you claim it would be wrong to call an actual retard a retard. Your defense of your choice of words is untrue. I bet deep down in your heart, you know the difference between wrong and right. Can you create yourself? talk less of create someone else.

In my country, we say that the problem with people like you is that nobody ever loved you. If you were ever in real love with someone or loved by someone, you would realize that you are no better than the person right beside you. You must be so full of rage that it oozes from your stench. If you had a child of your own, you would be so humbled to realize that indeed, the best way to live life is to seek the good in others. 

Do you do a google search about yourself to see what categories of news you feature in? If I was you, I would be ashamed. Whether you are trying to sell your book or not, please note that you are an offense to womanhood. America is the land of the free, but racist extremists like you are part of those who should be flushed out of the toilet.

Please just in case you decide to take a trip to Africa, kindly bring your tooth brush along, coz if you “mis-yarn”, we would help you brush your teeth, and ow, its not a funny story.




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2 thoughts on “An Open letter to Ann Coulter.

  1. This open letter was beautifully written. It is unfortunate that the American society celebrates stupidity.

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