Please help to track down these thieves who Stole My Iphone

It was not just another Saturday as my elder brother was tying the knot that fateful day. I was wearing the native Yoruba ‘up and down’ (buba and soro). At the end of the church service, we took turns to take pictures with the new couple. In the frenzy of taking pictures n guests leaving, I felt a tug on my buba and then another one after which I looked back and saw an elderly man which gave me the impression that I was mistaken but to be double sure, I checked all the items I had on me and alas, my iPhone was gone. I had somebody check where I sat in church but it was nowhere to be found. I dialled my number immediately but somebody kept cutting the call. I however have a tweak installed on my iPhone that prevents you from switching off the phone from the lockscreen if you don’t know the password. The tweak also snaps your picture with the front camera n sends it to my email. After about 20 mins, a few pictures started getting to my mail and to my greatest surprise, what I saw was indeed very surprising. Check out the faces of my iPhone thief n his accomplices. Unfortunately Im not based in Lagos and I’m returning to my PPA. The people at the church (st Paul’s Anglican church, Agege) don’t seem to know him.





Re: The Thieves Who Stole My Iphone (pics included) by aguiyi(m): 9:01am On Dec 09

pls what app is that and sorry for your loss. the police can help since you have his pix, he should however be made to pay all the bills incured in tracking him down


The name of the app is ‘iGotya’ and its a cydia app.
The pictures came into my email box in that order. about 30 minutes apart. I have so many pictures of that first man as he tried several times to switch it off. about 30 minutes later, d 2nd guy comes into the picture (pun intended) and den finally the not so clear last guy.
I suspect dat dis man does dis regularly and already has a chain – he gives it to the other guy who apparently is a tout, maybe in computer village who then gives it to the 3rd guy who probably has a shop in CV.


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