Wedding Wedding: Deeper Life Bible Church Pastor Kumuyi’s Son, John Marries

The second son of Pastor William Kumuyi, the General Superintendent, Deeper Christian Life Ministry, John Kumuyi has wedded.

It was not clear where the wedding took place. Some said it was in the United States and others, Jamaica.

John took his heartthrob to the altar on Saturday, 15 June at the Deeper Life Bible Church after the traditional wedding was earlier done.

Kumuyi’s son married former Miss Love Odih, who is said to be the daughter of the National Overseer of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry in Jamaica and former State Overseer of the church in Cross River State, Nigeria.

Pastor Kumuyi, who wore an ash suit was at the engagement and church wedding with his wife Esther, who wore traditional attire, while the bridegroom wore a grey suit and was cheered by well wishers during the wedding.

The bride was decked in flowing white gown with a veil to match, while the bride’s parents wore English attires.

John sauntered out of the church with his wife after the cleric had taken them through marital vows. A huge cake was cut during the wedding by the new couple.

Earlier during the traditional wedding, the bride wore native while the groom was simply decked in English wear.

Pastor Kumuyi’s children, Jerry and John were born to him by his former wife, Biodun Kumuyi, who died at the age of 57 on 11 April, 2009 after a brief illness.

The revered man of God remarried former Esther Aduke Blaize, who was then 65 in October 2010 at the age of 69, a year and few months after his former wife died.

Many Deeper Lifers and others have congratulated the new couple on social interactive network, Facebook, where the pictures of the couple have spread, with lots of comments being generated.

—Kazeem Ugbodaga

10 thoughts on “Wedding Wedding: Deeper Life Bible Church Pastor Kumuyi’s Son, John Marries

  1. Wao! Dis is jst 2 lovly u knw? God! Am jst amaze of d whole fin. I jst lak wot 2 say but in all l wish u both d best & hapiest marid lyf. My prayer is dat God shud toch doz in d local churches so dat dey cn dump doz akayik practices & adopt dis inovatns cos they’re sin as d non-esentials pls.

  2. Big Congratulations on your wedding. God bless your marriage and with all blessings of marriage. May we meet at marriage supper of the Lord. Sheneni from Lagos Nigeria.


    But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. (Matthew 12:36 KJV)

    But let none of you suffer as a murderer, or as a thief, or as an evildoer, or as a busybody in other men’s matters. (1 Peter 4:15 KJV)
    – Ibikunle Farajimakin
    What is this ‘posting’ and ‘sharing’ of John’s wedding pictures all about? To you who either posted or shared, what was your motive? What message were you trying to pass across. Is that your own message of the cross? Is that the mandate that Christ gave you? A lot of tracts bearing the message of salvation are lying all about with no one to post on FB. So also are posters and handbills for church programmes. Only a few post these. But you have all the time in the world to post pictures and pass unguarded comments. What has caused others serious heartbreak is what you are busy jesting about. Until now I never knew that John was and is the Messiah of many (or why would he suddenly become the object of both national and international discussion); neither did I know that he was the author and finisher of the faith of a lot of professing believers.

    Now you point accusing fingers and spite the message of the man of God on worldliness. While you are busy focusing on John, your own spirituality is depreciating by the seconds… Why will you go to hell because of another man’s mistake. Don’t you think that will be your greatest undoing? Friend, away with all the frivolities, carnalities and sensualities on FB. If your page is not promoting Christ and extending the frontiers of His coming kingdom, you had better deactivate it. Resign from the league of shallow-minded critics and enrol in the school of prayer. If you feel you don’t need prayers, then pray for others. There are millions of people in the world who need prayers, myself inclusive. Christ will soon come. If he meets you gossiping and backbiting, I’m sure He will not smile and say “well done, thou good and faithful servant.” Of course, there is freedom of speech but it is not freedom to run off at the mouth. Stay at your duty post (that is, if you have one) and stop meddling in other men’s affair. If you can’t help to ameliorate the matter, then don’t worsen it. And for you whose exalted position is that of gossiping, backbiting and slandering, and who don’t have any work to do for Christ, I urge you to find one and do it faithfully.
    Then for you who are yet to marry, we will wait till your wedding day to see the ‘wonders’ you will perform. I’m sure you will like to make headlines, not only in the best and widely-read newspapers here on earth but also in hell!
    Praying or gossiping? Rewards sure abound for both, but in different places.
    A word, they say, is enough for the wise. (Beckie Gabriel)

  4. God almighty will help us .Devil have his own strategies ways to enter through a tiny way to let ppl put fingers to d church of God but we need to pray for d church of God and his ministers and d ministry for we are in last days and d Devil work in a way mighty way to put down d mighty minister of God and d church of God .They said they have written apology letter and let them put d apology letter on d net so dat ppl may read it .God help us we are in d end time battle.

  5. Goodday,I am a christian.I suppose introduc wt her age z 18old n we ll meet her parents ll accept in the future.I jst care fr her z go to school so.u knw dt my body z nt peace cs bother in feel ned sex too,yet I thought I cannot marry wt her cs nt up d money.I wish small party later If I v ok money ready marry z a right or wrong.I cannot ask my friend ned borrow in risk n nt easy my way.pls help fr me how to on write.thks

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